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Finding Software

Student Software Discounts

All Cal Maritime students are eligible to purchase software at an educational discount.

Please see www.efollett.com/software for details.

Free Alternatives

With the advent of Web 2.0 and open sources software solutions, users can get the same functionality of programs like Acrobat Reader, Photoshop and Windows Office for free.

A great place to start is the Download.com Starter Kit Series.

·         The Download.com Windows Starter Kit  lists free alternatives to Microsoft Office and Adobe Acrobat Reader among others.

·         The Download.com Security Starter Kit provides more than adequate security alternatives to Symantec and Norton.

·         The Download.com Utilities Starter Kit for Windows is a collection of some of the best freeware tools to replace and enhance core Windows tasks


Important: Be very careful when downloading software from an unverified source! You may download spyware and malware in the process. When in doubt, don't download. All the software listed on Download.com is verified to be spyware free.


Microsoft MSDN

Once enrolled and with a valid email and network password, Cal Maritime united are eligible to download selected microsoft products. The MSDN Academic Alliance software titles are primarily technical in nature. Some of the titles include:
•    Microsoft Project 
•    Microsoft Access 
•    The Windows 7 Operating System 
•    The Microsoft IT Academy Web Developer E learning Course 

A complete list of titles is available at  http://tinyurl.com/cma-msdn

An email detailing the program and specifics on how to download software will be sent at the beginning of the Fall semester


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