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Cal Maritime Student Enrollment and Demographics


This 1-page report summarizes undergraduate enrollment and FTES for College Year (Summer + Fall + Spring) and by individual semesters from Fall 2011 to Fall 2016.

FTES Summary (Fall 2012 to Spring 2018)

This Six-Year Enrollment Summary shows total undergraduate, degree-seeking students enrollment for five Fall semesters (Fall 2011 - Fall 2016) by Major, Student Level (Freshman-Senior), Student Type (New Freshman, New Transfer, Continuing Student), Gender, and Race/Ethnicity. Student Level corresponds to the unit ranges specific to each major; "Super-Senior" indicates total units earned >= 115% of total units for the major.

Six-Year Enrollment Summary (Fall 2012 to Fall 2017)


The following reports summarize enrollment at census for a single term, and includes residence status, gender, race/ethnicity, and major broken-out by student level. Student level is determined by major-specific unit ranges as defined by each major's curriculum sheet. NOTE: Spring 2014 includes Summer 2014 units.

Spring 2018 Census Enrollment Summary

Fall 2017 Census Enrollment Summary

Spring 2017 Census Enrollment Summary

Fall 2016 Census Enrollment Summary

Summer 2016 Census Enrollment Summary

Spring 2016 Census Enrollment Summary

Fall 2015 Census Enrollment Summary

Summer 2015 Census Enrollment Summary

Spring 2015 Census Enrollment Summary

Fall 2014 Census Enrollment Summary

Spring 2014 Census Enrollment Summary


The Fall New Student Profile comprises a concise summary of First-Time Freshmen and New Transfers by Residence Status, Race/Ethnicity, Gender, and Major. NOTE: Only true first-time students are included in this report - students returning for a second degree do not appear in this report, but will appear in the Census Enrollment Summary under their respective student level:

Fall 2017 New Student Profile

Fall 2016 New Student Profile

Fall 2015 New Student Profile

Fall 2014 New Student Profile

Fall 2013 New Student Profile

Fall 2012 New Student Profile


The following student housing summary was a one-time ad-hoc report that shows the distribution of student residency by each residence hall, the TSGB, and off campus. Further, the residence location for students at each student level - Freshmen through Seniors - is summarized as well:

Fall 2014 - Spring 2015 Student Housing by Academic Level and On/Off-Campus Status


This summary of undergraduate student enrollment for Fall 2015 compares WUE students to all others (CA Residents, non-WUE participating out-of-state students, and international students) on Gender, Ethnicity, Major, and Student Level

Fall 2015 WUE Student Profile

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