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Minor in Marine Science

The Marine Science minor is designed for students who are interested in pursuing a career working on research vessels, continuing their studies in marine sciences, or who are otherwise interested in marine sciences. 

In addition to the general requirements for earning a minor at Cal Maritime, and to receive a transcript notation of having completed the specific requirements for a minor in Marine Science, the student will have completed at least 15 units from the following curriculum:

All students must complete the following course: 

MSC 380.  Directed Research                                                     3 units

MSC 380 is a culminating project or term paper usually completed during the student's senior year but it may be completed earlier.

Plus at least 9 units of the following oceanography courses:

MSC 100.  Intro to Geological & Chemical Oceanography          3 units

MSC 105.  Intro to Biological & Physical Oceanography             3 units

MSC 200.  Oceanographic Instruments and Analysis                    2 units

MSC 200L.  Oceanographic Instruments and Analysis Lab         1 unit

MSC 205.  Marine Biology                                                           3 units

MSC 205L.  Marine Biology Laboratory                                       1 unit

Additional courses from the following may be used to make a total of at least 15 units for the minor:                   

GMA 105.  Ocean Politics                                                          3 units
                  (not for Global Studies majors)

NAU 330.  Meteorology                                                              3 units
                  (not for Marine Transportation majors)

                                                                                                              Minor Advisor: 

Dr. Alexander Parker



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Marine Science News

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 Headshot of Alex Parker, Assistant Professor of Oceanography, Marine Science Minor Advisor

Associate Professor
of Oceanography

Alexander E. Parker, PhD

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