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Student Parking and Permits

*Please refer to the Parking Rules and Regulations Link for the complete version of the CSU Maritime Academy Parking Rules and Regulations.

Parking Lots Designated For Students

Parking lots designated for students are E, F, G, J, K, M and part of B and L lots, excludes paid visitor spaces between the posted signs in lots B and L). Students may park in all lots, EXCLUDING RESTRICTED SPACES, from 5pm-7am on weeknights and 24 hours on weekends (5pm Friday – 7am Monday) and holidays (7am –5pm).

Lot "O" will be used for additional overflow parking during daylight hours. Lot "O" will also be used for larger campus events requiring additional parking. There is no overnight parking in lot "O". Any valid CSUM parking permit will be accepted in this lot.

First Year Students

Due to limited space and the high demand for parking on campus, first year students to CSU Maritime Academy are not allowed to purchase a parking permit.  However, first year students who are approved for off-campus living by Housing and Residence Life are eligible. Housing and Residential Life sends the approval lists to the Cashier's Office, allowing these students to purchase parking permits online.

The above restriction for a first year student may be waived where sufficient needs exist (medical, veteran, off campus employment) and the first year students may be approved for a parking permit. Please follow the instructions under First-Year Students on this web page: http://www.csum.edu/web/police-services/parking-permits.  Petition forms are reviewed by a committee and approved by the Parking Coordinator.

Continuing Students Or First Year Students APPROVED To Park On Campus

The student semester Decal Permits may be purchased online through a student's account, usually a month before the start of the semester. The University Cashier's Office coordinates and facilitates the sale and distribution of semester Decal Permits. Permits for Spring and Fall Semesters can be purchased at the same time. Permit fees are payable in lump sum only.  There is no deferment for financial aid.

Eligible students may purchase a semester Decal Permit and a Motorcycle Permit. The permit is not transferable to any other vehicle or individual. Current permit rates are posted on the "Types and Fees" web page. 

A permit does not ensure the user of a parking space.  The responsibility of finding a legal parking space rests with the motor vehicle operator.

Fee Schedule

The fee schedule is promulgated by the Trustees of the California State University.

$81.00 per semester (Prorated)– Auto; $20 per semester (Prorated) – Motorcycle

CSU Parking Fee Refund Schedule

1-30 days 75%

31-60 days 50%

61-90 days 25%

91 days or more – no refund

Grace Period In Students' Lots

Each Fall Semester only, a grace period starts the first day of Orientation /Move-in Week at 0700 hours and ends at 0700 hours on the first day of classes in students' lots only. (E, F, G, J, K, M and part of B and L lots, excludes paid visitor spaces between the posted signs in lots B and L).

Student Summer Parking

Students must properly display a valid CSU Maritime Academy Hang Tag Scratcher Permit. Hang Tag Scratcher Permits can be purchased at the Cashier's Office. Summer permits are only valid in Lot E and Lot F. 

SPEL Students

Blue Hang Tag Scratcher permits are issued directly by SPEL.  They are valid for the duration of the instruction period.

Temporary Medical Parking Permit

A temporary disabled parking permit may be granted by the Police Department to a disabled student for special parking privileges. The permit is to fill a temporary gap until the injured student can acquire a State permit. 

  • An original dated and signed letter from the Health Center or personal physician is required.  The letter must specify the medical need for parking accommodations and the anticipated recovery date.
  • Student must have a valid CSU Maritime permit; both the CSU Maritime permit and the Temporary Medical Permit must be visible displayed in the vehicle at all times.
  •  A Temporary Medical Permit is valid up to 3 weeks.
  • A Temporary Medical Permit is NOT valid in disabled spaces.
  • The requestor will be assigned to the closest lot(s) for classes and housing.
  •  Any special circumstances will need the review and consideration of the Chief of Police.

Motorcycle Parking

Two-wheeled vehicles (including mopeds, motor scooters, or any motorized bicycle) required to be licensed by the State Department of Motor Vehicles shall park in designated motorcycle parking spaces/areas in Lots A, B, D, E, and I. At no time shall a motorcycle park in full-size parking stalls intended for use by four (4) wheeled passenger vehicles. Motorcycle decal semester permits must be adhered or taped to the bike's rear fender or front fork.


The Student Handbook requires you to familiarize yourself with the CSU Maritime Parking Rules and Regulations.


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