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 Cal Maritime SRM Policies

AF 09-001 University Vehicle & Authorized Drivers
AF 09-002 Field Trip & Off Campus Activities
AF 09-003 Risk Management
AF 09-004 Injury Illness Prevention Program
AF 09-005 Accident Incident Management
AF 09-006 Release of Liability Waiver
AF 09-007 Business Continuity

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 Risk Management

Last Updated: 4/11/2017

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Last Updated: 2/4/2017

 Here you will find information regarding insurance requirements for vendors; various campus insurance programs; student activities including off-campus activities and guidelines for field trips, special events and campus activities; guidelines for accident procedures, Risk Management forms and many other subjects associated with minimizing losses.

Risk Management is committed to minimizing losses that may arise from or interfere with Cal Maritime and its Auxiliaries' pursuit of its mission to educate students.


Drone Insurance Bulletin

Drone Safe Operating Procedure Resource Guide


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The Chancellor's Office staff and representatives of Auxiliary Organizations within the CSU have been developing a systematic approach to managing risk exposures now prevalent across CSU campuses

One avenue of reform has been to restructure the overall risk management program on a more collaborative basis. Special legislation was obtained to permit both the CSU as a state agency, and Auxiliary Organizations as separate nonprofit corporations, to create a quasi-public entity to establish and perform pooled group insurance and related risk management functions for the benefit of all who elect to join the new entity and to participate therein.

On January 1, 1997, the CSURMA was formed by the CSU and those qualified Auxiliary Organizations that opted to join with intentions to participate in the risk management programs to be offered by the Authority.

The CSURMA presently has several risk management programs in effect including the Pooled Liability Program, the Pooled Worker's Compensation Program, the IDL/NDI/UI Program, the Property Program, the Athletic Injury Medical Expense (AIME) Program and the Auxiliary Group Purchase Insurance Program (AGPIP) (refer to JPA Structure, Section C).

The first three programs are designed for participation by CSU campuses, the Property and the AIME programs are designed for both campus and Auxiliary Organizations participation, and the latter program for participation by only the Auxiliary Organizations.

One of the primary goals of the CSURMA is to develop a forum for the Auxiliary Organizations and the CSU to develop strategies that streamline and integrate the risk management practices of the CSU system.


Auxiliary Organizations Risk Management Alliance (AORMA) was established to provide group purchase comprehensive business insurance coverages for the CSU's non-profit Auxiliary Organizations. Participation in the programs is voluntary. Coverages provided include liability, workers' compensation, property, crime, unemployment insurance, auto physical damage, participant accident insurance and miscellaneous coverages.

The system-wide Technical Letter RM 2012-01 defines policy and insurance requirements required by the California State University. The insurance limits and hold harmless provisions as specified in this letter are required unless the campus, after following the "risk identification and evaluation" procedure as described herein, determines that the limits should be altered. For construction projects, The California State University established a Builders Risk Insurance Program (BRIP; aka: Course of Construction (COC) insurance) through which campuses enroll their major projects for course of construction insurance coverage and an Owner Controlled Insurance Program (OCIP) through which campuses enroll their major projects for general liability and workers compensation insurance coverage. Also available are Owners Protective Professional Indemnity and Contractor's Pollution Liability coverages.

Insurance Requirements for Contractors

In the practice of good risk management, we attempt to transfer the risk of accidental loss to vendors, suppliers, contractors, and users of campus facilities by requiring them to insure themselves and the campus against claims associated with their products, services, and activities.

This transfer of risk is not effected until the other party issues the required policies and endorsements at required coverage limits.  The insurer must meet or exceed requirements for balance sheet strength and operating performance and be admitted (licensed) to conduct business in California.

In addition to meeting insurance requirements, the other party shall agree to specific contract provisions to hold harmless and indemnify and defend the University.  Written agreements between the University and another party shall be reviewed by Procurement, and all requirements shall be met before work commences, before products are delivered, or before facilities are occupied.  The University Risk Management department and Procurement and Contract Services will assist you in complying with all insurance requirements and securing the products and services you need.

Requesting Evidence of Cal Maritime Insurance

Risk Management is the office that is contacted when someone on campus needs proof of Cal Maritime or its Auxiliaries insurance coverage.  This may be a request for "evidence of insurance" only, or for proof of insurance with a third party named as additional insured.  For either request you will need to submit a completed " Request for Cal Maritime Evidence of Insurance " form to Risk Management.  Please allow 5-7 business days for the processing.

Student Travel Accident Insurance

Foreign Travel Insurance Program

The California State University Risk Management Authority has negotiated a Foreign Travel Insurance Program for University faculty, staff, and students on University foreign travel. Premium rates for faculty and staff are $60 per member for trips up to 15 days duration and $75 per member for trips up to 30 days duration. Premium rates for students are $50 per student for trips up to 15 days duration and $60 per student for trips up to 30 days duration. These rates are approximate and may increase if the trip involves travel to, or through, any country considered to be a high hazard country as determined by our insurance underwriter. In order to obtain the insurance coverage and emergency assistance provided by this program, a request for Foreign Travel Insurance, or a completed travel request, must be submitted to Risk Management 20 days prior to intended foreign travel. Please contact the Risk Management office for additional details.
Insurance Coverage:
Foreign General Liability, Foreign Excess Automobile Liability, Foreign Workers' Compensation, Foreign Travel Accident & Sickness
Assistance Services:
Pre-Departure Information, Travel Medical Emergency Services, Medical Evacuation & Repatriation, Emergency Travel Assistance
Other Available Coverage:
Workers Compensation/Employer's Liability for Third Country Nationals or Local Nationals, Property (includes property in transit), Ocean Cargo Coverage (includes ocean or air shipments, import & export shipments, and warehouse to warehouse coverage).


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Report a Safety Concern


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  Campus Resources

Last Updated: 2/4/2017

CSURMA Insurance Program Policy Library

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