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CSU Early Start

California residents entering Cal Maritime as first-time freshmen with a remediation requirement in English and/or math must complete CSU Early Start in summer before their first fall semester. This program improves students' academic skills to meet first-year course enrollment standards. (Note: Cal Maritime does not presently offer CSU Early Start courses but accepts evidence of satisfactory course completion from other CSU campuses.) Students required to participate in CSU Early Start include:

Students may attend classroom-based, online, or hybrid CSU Early Start courses at/through the CSU campus(es) most convenient to them; though encouraged, they do not need to complete their courses at the campuses admitting them. Courses cost $182 per unit plus $2 for campus-related fees, with financial aid available to students demonstrating need. For more information about costs, view the FAQ.

To satisfy remediation through CSU Early Start, students must enroll in qualifying courses offering three or more units. Courses offering fewer than three units will not satisfy remediation, meaning students must then complete additional remedial coursework during their regular academic year, potentially delaying their graduation.

Students may submit evidence they completed remediation to the Office of Admissions & Outreach before (or to the Office of the Registrar after) the start of their first fall semester at Cal Maritime to lift the remediation hold from their records. Students who do not satisfy remediation by the start of their second academic year risk academic disqualification, meaning they cannot continue as students at Cal Maritime.

To register, please visit the official CSU Early Start Program webpage.

Application DeadlineNovember 30, 2016
ACT or SATDecember 2016
Cal Maritime Admission NotificationsFebruary 2017
Recommended Systemwide EPT & ELM TestingFebruary 11, March 18, or May 5, 2017
Preferred EPT & ELM Testing DeadlineApril 2017
Cal Maritime Admission Offer Acceptance DeadlineApril 2017
Final EPT & ELM TestingMay 5, 2017
CSU Early Start Smart Page Available via Cal Maritime Student Portal (Peoplesoft)April 1, 2017
CSU Early Start Smart Page Completion DeadlineJune 1, 2017
CSU Early Start Coursework Completion DeadlineAugust 10, 2017







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Coordinator, College Readiness & EAP

Matthew Tener, MA
Laboratory Building 112
(707) 654-1081


Campus Resources

Office of Admissions & Outreach
Student Services Building
(707) 654-1330

Office of the Registrar
Student Services Building
(707) 654-1201

University Advisor
Laboratory Building 111
(707) 654-1794

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