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**NEW**  Targeted Learning Sessions (TLS)

Get help in challenging courses from students who have done well!

Targeted Learning Sessions (TLS) is a new program providing peer-led study groups that focus on integrating course content (what to learn) with study skills (how to learn). TLS provides an active learning environment in which students can work together to better understand the course content. Sessions are designed to maximize students' understanding of the subject in a casual and relaxed environment.

TLS is supporting multiple difficult courses this semester. List of the participating courses and tutors is available here.

Four key program participants:

TLS Tutor – sessions are facilitated by TLS Tutors, current students who have previously and successfully completed the course and who are committed to make sure that students gain the most out of the session. TLS Tutors will work with the respective faculty on course details like difficult concepts, study guides, test preparation etc. and schedule/facilitate study/review sessions for the entire class. TLS Tutor will take attendance during the session

TLS Lead – this is an student enrolled in the respective TLS course or one recommended by the faculty to liaise between the students and TLS Tutor for selection of times/spaces/session material and most importantly for session attendance.

Faculty  - this is the respective course instructor, who will work with the TLS Tutor and TLS Lead. Faculty member will be responsible for giving the Lead adequate time during class for announcements, assist TLS Tutor in surveying the class at the beginning of the semester to determine which times are best to hold study sessions and promote attendance. Faculty may choose to incentivize participation.

TLS Coordinator -  Director, SEAS will serve this role by ensuring 

•   Coordination between participants 

•   Appropriate tutor availability

•   Space reservation for sessions

•   Assessment & necessary follow-up

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For Fall 2017, the following courses will have scheduled review sessions:

Circuits with Adam Link TUESDAYS 7-8PM IN ABS102

Chinese with Helen Wakefield SCHEDULE

Chemistry - Reagan Logier SCHEDULE

Spanish I with Scott Olvera SCHEDULE

ET Thermo - Alec Nation SCHEDULE



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