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Targeted Learning Sessions (TLS)

Get help in challenging courses from students who have done well!

Targeted Learning Sessions (TLS) are peer-led study groups that focus on integrating course content (what to learn) with study skills (how to learn). TLS provides an active learning environment in which students can work together to better understand the course content. Sessions are designed to maximize students' understanding of the subject in a casual and relaxed environment.

Sessions are facilitated by TLS Tutors: current students who have previously and successfully completed the course and who are committed to making sure that students gain the most out of the session. TLS Tutors work with faculty on course details like difficult concepts, study guides, test preparation, etc., and schedule and facilitate study sessions for the entire class.



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Spring 2019 TLS Classes:


Calc I (Inoue): TLS Tutor Colin Noronha

Calc I (Polhmann): TLS Tutor Devin Hernandez 

Calc II (Inoue): TLS Tutor Truong Do

Chemistry 105 (Yip): TLS Tutor Sam Rodriguez



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