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Writing Center

SEAS is committed to enhancing the writing skills of Cal Maritime students by establishing a pilot program to:
  • Support students in writing clearly and concisely
  • Improve written communication skills for classes and the professional world. 
  • Understand that writing is a complex process.
  • Assist with grammatical concepts.
  • Develop ideas to support a focused thesis statement.
  • Cite sources for academic audiences
  • Understand rhetorical strategies.
  • Create outlines to organize complex ideas.
  • Critique drafts of writing assignments on request.
  • Provide online resources to gain confidence in writing skills


Have a question about academic writing? Need to know how to complete citations in a particular style or the difference between an argument paper and a research paper? Please review this handy college writing guide: http://www.onlinecolleges.net/for-students/academic-writing-guide/.

The guide is divided into the following sections:

  • Types of Academic Writing: Argument Papers, Research Papers, Expository Papers, Exam Essays, and Academic Proposals

  • Common Writing Pitfalls: Includes grammar, punctuation, and commonly misspelled words

  • Citations: MLA, APA, and Chicago are all explained, with examples of each.


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