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Institution-Wide Assessment Council

The Institution-Wide Assessment Council (IWAC) is responsible for promulgating and sustaining the assessment of institution-wide academic student learning outcomes.  This council implement the Assessment Plan according to the four year calendar and process chart, notifies the campus community of the Learning Objectives to be assessed prior to the commencement of the Academic Year, identifies and notifies appropriate faculty and instructors for assessment practices, collects and organizes assessment data, and suggests actions to be taken on assessment findings. 

Executive Summary 2019

ILO (A) Communication Report

Executive Summary 2018


Executive Summary 2017

Executive Summary  2016

Executive Summary 2015

Executive Summary 2014

Executive Summary 2013

ILO(J)   Global Stewardship Report 2011

Executive Summary 2012

ILO(B)  Critical and Creative Thinking Report 2011

Executive Summary  2010



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