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Property Acquisition 


The CSU Board of Trustees has approved Cal Maritime's acquisition of the property currently occupied by the Motel 6. As we prepare to make this property a part of our campus, we want to be able to address questions and concerns from students and the entire campus community.

To that end, there will be multiple town halls scheduled, the first two of which were held on Thursday, February 8 at 11 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. in Rizza Auditorium.

Some FAQs are available below. 
View of Motel 6 with Cal Maritime campus in the background

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Property Acquisition FAQs




Will all students living off campus be required to move back? 


  • No. Existing petitions to the residency requirement will stay in place for the following: married students or parents with 50% custody or more, veterans or licensed mariners, medical or disability / accommodations, age 26 by August 1, 2018, and those who meet financial hardship as defined by financial aid.  


  • In addition, those with extenuating circumstances will be considered by a committee.  


  • For 2018-19 academic year only, current off-campus students who will be graduating seniors and are in good academic and conduct standing will be allowed to live off campus.  



Who will occupy the building?   


  • Seniors and nontraditional students will have the first option to live in the new facility. Building programming will be designed for these groups.  



How does the room selection process work for selecting a room for Fall 2018?  


  • The room selection process for the property follows the room selection process outlined on the Residence Life web page. Students will use Star Rez (Housing room selection software) to select their room.  




Safety & Security 



What will be done to address safety and security at the new facility? 


  • A University Police substation will be located on the property.  

  • The property will be included in routine patrols. 

  • The property features enhanced exterior lighting. 

  • The facility will be a completely gated community. 

  • The current pedestrian and vehicle entrance on Sandy Beach Road will be gated off, and the new entrance into the facility will be through O Lot. 

  • New University locks will be installed on every room and exterior doors. 

  • Consistent with current residence halls, professional staff and Residence Hall Officers will live on site. 

  • University Police will continue to provide an evening safety escort. 

  • As part of the remodeling and renovation process, all rooms are being inspected and evaluated for needed improvements. 






What amenities will the students of this facility have? 


  • Residents of the new facility will have one private bathroom per room. 

  • Parking adjacent to the facility will be available for purchase.  

  • The facility has its own laundry, vending, and 24-hour front desk. 

  • The building will be repainted internally and externally. 

  • Rooms will include new beds, wardrobes, desks, and blinds.

  • Each room has individually controlled air conditioning and heating.  

  • Floors are engineered wood (there is no carpet). 

  • Study and lounge space is provided. 

  • The building will have a separate mail facility. 



What will be the dining options in the new facility? 


  • Consistent with the residence policy, all residential students are required to have a meal plan.  

  • We currently are reviewing and assessing the feasibility of adding a grab-and-go option, community kitchen, and barbecues.  

  • All students will have the option to wear track suits to all on-campus dining locations for all meals. 



What will be the transportation options? 


  • Students will be allowed to ride bicycles. Additional bicycle racks will be available. 

  • A limited shuttle service will be provided Monday through Friday and assessed for usage. 






What is the cost to live in the new facility? 


  • For the 2018-19 academic year, housing costs will be the same for all facilities.  



How will Cal Maritime finance the purchase, repairs, and improvements to the new property? 


  • The housing and dining fund is utilized for the acquisition, repairs, and ongoing improvements. No academic or instructional dollars (general fund or tuition) are used for the project.  



Future Plans 

What is the plan for the current Lower Residence Hall and the new Res Hall plans shown around campus? 


  • The project is still moving through the campus planning and CSU approval processesand the Lower Residence Hall will be replaced.   


  • The plan as we know it today:  

  • 2018 – Concept and development continues 

  • 2019 – We will continue to work with the CSU to obtain appropriate design and financing approvals. 

  • 2020-21 – Revenue bonds are issued and demolition begins. 

  • 2022 – Fall move-in 


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Educational Research Supporting a Residential Campus (PDF) >>

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