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Cadets Sailing Training Ship Into Boston Following Assist to Algerian Refugees
(VALLEJO, California – June 22, 2015) – Cadets from California State University Maritime Academy are sailing the Training Ship Golden Bear into Boston. Cal Maritime’s 500-foot training vessel will be docked at the Port of Boston’s Black Falcon Passenger Terminal June 23-28.
Earlier this month, students, faculty and staff aboard the Golden Bear assisted Algerian refugees at sea off the coast of Spain. 
A small boat approached the Golden Bear on June 11. Those aboard were waving their hands, shouting and holding empty gas cans in the air. Based on observations of the crew, the boat was not determined to pose a threat, but precautions were taken before turning around to assist.
One Cal Maritime cadet who speaks fluent Arabic assisted the Chief Mate in communicating with the refugees who were seeking asylum in Spain. While waiting for assistance from the Spanish Coast Guard, food and water were passed down to the boat. Cadets from Cal Maritime took up a collection and passed a donation of 100 Euros to the refugees as well.
Following the arrival of the Spanish Coast Guard, the Training Ship resumed its voyage.
A Captain’s Reception will be held in Boston on June 24 from 5-7 p.m. Tickets are available for purchase at or by phone at (707) 654-1562.
Cadets sailed the Training Ship Golden Bear out of San Francisco Bay on Sunday, April 26 for the first of two training cruises this summer. Both cruises will pass through the Panama Canal, and scheduled stops along the way include the U.S. Virgin Islands, Barcelona, Naples, Marseilles, Boston and Long Beach.
The crew of students, faculty and staff members will change on June 25 in Boston when the second cruise begins. In all, the T.S. Golden Bear will travel 26,000 miles before returning to campus on August 24. 
The annual training voyage is part of the specialized curriculum offered at Cal Maritime. For the duration of each summer training cruise, Cal Maritime cadets are responsible for running the ship, including navigating and driving, repairing and overseeing the engines, and maintaining the vessel. All training cruises are supervised by Cal Maritime faculty, the ship’s captain and chief engineer, and a team of experienced mariners.
During the cruise, cadets continue to attend classes, and intellectual learning, applied technology, and leadership development blend daily as cadets apply what they have learned in the classroom, in the lab, in the Corps, and on the waterfront.
To follow along on the Training Ship Golden Bear's two-month journey, visit the Follow the Voyage blog at

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