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Pacific Coast Accredited Maritime Port Manager and Executive Program


Cal Maritime is hosting the Pacific Coast Accredited Maritime Port Manager and Executive Program on April 1-5, 2019.

The Maritime Port Manager program is designed as an intensive two-day foundational seminar that covers all aspects of the port industry. It provides employees new to the industry with a comprehensive look at the fundamentals of port management, and provides industry vets with a refresher of the global transportation system.

The Maritime Port Executive program is designed to build on the foundations established in the MPM program. The MPE session is a two and a half day seminar that covers the specifics of how ports and marine terminals fit into communities; waterway, road and rail access; property and risk management; logistics from the shippers perspective including care, control and custody of cargo and the pricing of transportation services; tariffs and operational documents; business development; public and media relations; and strategic/master/logistics and cargo planning.

For more information or to register email info@iampe.org or call (207) 741-7000

Accredited Professional Certification

The IAMPE is a non-profit industry association dedicated to the educational management development of port, terminal and maritime professionals. IAMPE professional certifications are approved by the Standards Committee of the Association and reviewed and endorsed by the Board of the Advisors of the IAMPE. MPM, IMPM, MPE and IMPE are professional industry certifications trademarked by the IAMPE. The program is endorsed for 4 graduate program academic credits by the Loeb-Sullivan School of International Business and Logistics at Maine Maritime Academy. Participation is generally accepted for continuing education credits needed to maintain professional certification. The IAMPE provides information to institutions for credit consideration based on classroom hours, program structure, prerequisite requirements, evaluations and content. All attendees will receive a free membership to the IAMPE.

Maritime Port Management (MPM), Maritime Port Executive (MPE) Schedule

Blue and Brown Water


Day 1 8:30 AM-5:00 PM

Session 1 International Transportation System, Modes and Logistics

Session 2 Worldwide Port Industry and Maritime Industry Trends

Session 3 Terminology

Session 4 Public Port Governance Structures and Management (Inland-The Inland River System)

Session 5 Port and Terminal Administration and Finance (Inland-Governance, Finance, Administration)


Day 2 8:30 AM-5:00 PM

Session 6 Intermodal Marine and Cargo Facilities

Session 7 Port and Intermodal Terminal Operations

Session 8 International and National Regulatory Requirements

Session 9 Port & Terminal Safety, Security and Emergency Planning

Session 10 Case Study and Evaluation



Day 3 8:30 AM-5:00 PM

Session 11 Port Infrastructure-Waterways, Road and Rail Access

Session 12 Port and Terminal Property Management and Risk Factors

Session 13 Case Study

Session 14 Cargo Processes and Management, Chartering and Carriage

Session 15 Cost and Pricing of Transportation, Application of the O/D Analysis


Day 4 8:30 AM-5:00 PM

Session 16 Port and Terminal Business Development and Planning

Session 17 Case Study

Session 18 Marine Terminal and Port Tariffs, Regulations and Operating Plans

Session 19 Public Relations, Information Systems and Media Planning

Session 20 Strategic, Master Transportation and Cargo Planning Processes


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