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In Case Of Emergency
For emergency messages during business hours, contact Susan Reynolds in the Office of Marine Programs at 707-654-1211.  Messages will be forwarded to the ship.  For emergency messages during non-business hours, you may contact the ship via e-mail at purser@csum.edu.  Please copy Susan Reynolds at sreynolds@csum.edu on the email.  You may not receive an immediate response but someone will reply as soon as possible. 
Phone Service
Phone cards are available through Pirate's Cove Café on board the ship.  The cost TBD.  With these phone cards, Cadets may call anywhere in the world from their berthing area or phones in public areas.   
E-mail is the best means of communication.  Electronic mail will be available aboard the ship and Cadets will use their on-campus address.  Accounts may be established with the Cal Maritime Cashier prior to departure.  The cost TBD.  Forms will be available with your Cruise Handbook.  The e-mail along with any attachments should not exceed 200kb. 
Follow the Voyages
Family and friends may stay in contact by going to the "Follow the Voyages 2016" page. This site has information about the ship's arrival and departure from ports of call, Bear's Tale and Captain's Log, as well as information regarding other International Experiences programs.
U.S. Mail
Due to security regulations, the ship is unable to accept mail.

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