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Information for Families and Friends


Welcome to TSGB Cruise 2019. Please visit this website often, as information will be updated as necessary.


Update from the T.S. Golden Bear #4 (5/25/19)

The T.S. Golden Bear is currently in the mid Atlantic bound for Lisbon, Portugal. The revised ETA for Lisbon, one day earlier than originally scheduled, is now 0800 local time on June 1.

During our extended four-day port stay in Lisbon,  we intend to employ a ship repair facility to make permanent repairs to the damaged mainmast. These repairs will not hamper the normal liberty periods ashore for our cadets or crew. We are adding one extra day in Lisbon to assist in the repairs and to partially make up for the lost port days in Barbados.

The Golden Bear will depart Lisbon at 0800 on June 5 and arrive at Ponta Delgada, Azores at 0800 on June 8. The port stay will be extended two days to fully make up for the lost days in Barbados. The vessel will depart Ponta Delgada at 0800 on June 13, recross the Atlantic, and arrive in Port Everglades, Florida as originally scheduled at 0800 on June 23.




Repairs to the Training Ship Golden Bear have been completed, and the U.S. Coast Guard has approved our departure.  The ship is departing Barbados for the next planned stop in Lisbon, Portugal.  Updates to the cruise schedule are being assessed and will be communicated when available.



Based on the unfortunate incident suffered by the Training Ship Golden Bear while attempting to dock under pilotage in the port of Bridgetown, Barbados, I have had to make the decision to cancel our scheduled stay in Barbados while the crew undertakes repairs to our main mast. Once a temporary range light has been installed, and the USCG approves the repair, I expect the vessel to get underway and complete the remainder of Cruise 2019 as scheduled, with the next port of call Lisbon, Portugal.

I give you my assurance that the vessel is not severely damaged and will be perfectly capable of finishing the cruise safely. I will make every effort to make up for the lost port days in Barbados further down the line at the other ports. Once the vessel is underway again, I will provide an update on vessel status and any necessary modifications to the cruise schedule.

Sincerely, Samuel R. Pecota, Master, TS Golden Bear



During the Training Ship Golden Bear's arrival in Barbados today, while the ship was under pilot control, the ship's mast struck a shoreside gantry crane.

No one on board or on shore was injured. The cruise schedule will be adjusted and communicated once the extent and timing of repairs are known.


Welcome to TSGB Cruise 2019. 

Cruise begins on Wednesday, May 1 at 1600 and the ship departs on Sunday, May 5 at 0600.  PLEASE NOTE: NEW DEPARTURE TIME. The Cruise Calendar along with other information is posted here.  However, information specifically for the Cadets is posted on their Cruise website.

While there is no specific event planned for their departure, please feel free to come wish the Cadets and crew farewell and bon voyage on May 5th at 0600.  Keelhauler Families will have refreshments and card making supplies.

Please visit this website often, as information will be updated as necessary. 

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