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Capital Outlay

The California Maritime Academy State Funded Capital Outlay Program

Projects in Budget Year

Student Services Building Preliminary Plans $505,000  

This project will renovate the existing 22,000 GSF building (#14) to convert the facility from physical education to instructional support. It will house various student service units: the community service learning program, the career planning and placement center, the counseling center for students, the Cal Maritime Center for Excellence and Learning, the disability resource office, and the library archives. The renovation of the 1947 building will preserve the architectural character of the building while enhancing its function and consolidating student services. The future cost for working drawings, construction, and equipment is $13,041,000.


Future Projects (2013/14-2016/17)

Physical Education (Equipment) 
This project will equip the new 26,400 ASF/37,200 GSF Physical Education Facility and an outdoor pool (#39) to accommodate the physical education classes and the water activities required for licensure by the U.S. Coast Guard. It will also equip the Public Safety Unit which will also be housed in this building

Campus Learning Center
This project will construction a 32,000 ASF/46,000 GSF addition (#57) to the existing facility (#5) to alleviate the existing space and technology deficiencies to reflect the changing demands of CSU libraries in the digital age.

Library Renovation
This project will renovate the existing 5,800 ASF/10,200 GSF facility (#5) which was constructed in 1977. The library will be reorganized to coordinate library functions and effectively integrate space programming between the new addition and this renovation. It will upgrade the building systems to ensure energy efficiency and maximum environment

Administration/Student Services Replacement Building
This project will renovate the 1945 original Administration Building (#1) to better integrate and maximize use of the limited space of the facility. Building systems will be renovated or replaced in the 6,300 ASF/7,400 GSF Facility to comply with current code standards and California State University energy mandates.

Receiving Warehouse
This project will construct a 7,800 GSF Receiving Warehouse (#51). It will serve as the main receiving and campus distribution point for goods in the support of the educational mission for the academy.

The California Maritime Academy Non-State Funded Capital Outlay Program

Projects in Budget Year


Future Projects (2013/14-2016/17)


Student Center Addition
This project will construct a 4,000 ASF addition west of the current Student Center (#15) to meet the recreational activity and food service needs for the students. Funding will be from student union reserves and a future bond sale supported by student union fees.  Proceeding with this project is dependent upon a viable financial plan and qualification for placement in the Systemwide Revenue Bond Program.
Student Housing, Phase II (132 Beds)
This project will be the second of a four phase housing project (#55) accommodating a total of 528 new beds in four three-story buildings. Each building provides 132 beds in double occupancy bedrooms with private bathrooms provided along a central core on each floor with four students sharing a bathroom.


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