This week we have been focusing in on our research projects. My research assignment involves investigating a specific topic related to Maritime Policy and Maritime Security by creating a narrated PowerPoint presentation. The assignment requires exploring Roatan, Honduras’s maritime sector in depth, providing a comprehensive analysis of their infrastructure and maritime policy, and effectively communicating the findings through a visual and audio presentation. The goal is to demonstrate an understanding of the relationship of maritime policy issues and its implications associated with economic and political inadequacies.

The implementation of stricter environmental regulations by adopting U.S. maritime policy will significantly reduce maritime pollution levels, enhance marine biodiversity, and improve the sustainability of maritime industries while under a comprehensive maritime security framework established by sufficient governance.

During my time on the bay island I have examined inadequate maritime security framework in combination with insufficient management systems outside of the Roatan Marine Park. As a result of these elements the infrastructure surrounding the marine park lacks proper personnel training and the tools to implement fluid management of the maritime sector. After my interviews, I have concluded that the Bay Islands have the maritime policy but little to no funding from the mainland to support the enforcement. Nevertheless, Roatan, Honduras has been prospering through economic and population growth from tourism. Its fiscal growth stimulates the economy but true prosperity is hindered by improper governance over funding from the mainland.

- Cadet Issac Rojo

Professors Stephen Kielar and Ariel Setniker contributed to this blog entry.

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