Name Title Department Phone
Aaberg, Audun AVP Facilities ManagementPlant Office(707)654-1120
Abrego, Natalia A Administrative AssistantOffice of the Commandant(707)654-1180
Acosta, Angeli M Peer Health EducatorHealth Center(707)654-1227
Alaniz, Bessie J. Program Coordinator (ExtendedRA - CME (Extended Lrng)(707)654-1157
Alexander, Josie Student Activities CoordinatorDean of Students(707)654-1142
Alonso, Marcos Port Security GuardPolice Services(707)654-1176
Arnold, Kathleen G. Graduate Program CoordinatorMaster's Program(707)654-1271
Arp, Robert S VPUA & Exec Director CMAFUniversity Advancement(707)654-1037
Austin, Jalil S Mgr, Custodial ServicesCustodial(707)654-1130
Bachkar, Khalid Instr Fac AYIntern'l Business & Logistics(707)654-1184
Baclig, Leo R Equipment TechnicianWaterfront(707)654-1251
Bagheri, Nader Dept ChairMechanical Engineering(707)654-1102
Bagos, Alfred Samuel Cook IICMA Food Service Operations(707)654-1213
Baird, Katherine M Director Advancement ServicesUniversity Advancement(707)654-1210
Baird, Pamela L Circulation Desk CoordinatorLibrary(707)654-1097
Balfour, Malinda D Lead Res Life CoordinatorHousing Residential Life(707)654-1410
Bang, John H Financial AnalystHousing: Operations & Revenue(707)654-1039
Bautista, Geralyn S Financial Aid CounselorFinancial Aid Administration(707)654-1287
Bautista, Kristen M Benefits & HR CoordinatorHuman Resources(707)654-1000
Beard, Catherine Executive AssistantVP Administration & Finance(707)654-1000
Beck, Diana L CustodianCustodial Services - Ent Svcs(707)654-1131
Belleau, Shanna H. CustodianCustodial(707)654-1131
Benton, Graham Assoc ProvostAcademic Services(707)654-1147
Bienati, Lawrence Instr Fac,Spcl Pgms-For CreditMaster's Program(707)748-7550
Birnbach, Allen N Communications & Marketing SpcPublic Relations(707)654-1049
Blas, Paulo Equipment TechnicianWaterfront(707)654-1710
Boe, Veronica C. Sr Dir, Ext Learning/MSSCRA - CME (Extended Lrng)(707)654-1156
Bordokoff, Alexandra Financial Services AnalystFinancial Operations(707)654-1034
Bouwer, Linda S Sr Dir Devlpmnt & Campaign MgrUniversity Advancement(707)654-1262
Bowling, Andrew J Simulation TechnicianAdministrative Computing(707)654-1012
Brindle, Thomas Instr Fac AYIntern'l Business & Logistics(707)654-1774
Brito, Sianna D Admin Support CoordAcademic Support - Faculty Dev(707)654-1090
Brown, Christopher W Dir, Golden Bear Research CtrBallast Contract Residual(707)654-1259
Brown, Natalie L Asst Athletic TrainerAthletics(707)654-1050
Brown, Robert James Waterfront ManagerWaterfront(707)654-1374
Browne, Steven Instr Fac AY-CR CMAMarine Transportation(707)654-1162
Buckner, Howard Food Service Worker ICMA Food Service Operations(707)654-1213
Bulanan, Deoben P Cook IICMA Food Service Operations(707)654-1213
Burback, Tamara Instr Fac AYMarine Transportation(707)654-1018
Busquaert, Emily Manager, Staff Empl & CompHuman Resources(707)654-1139
Butler, Anthony R CMA Stationary EngineerBuilding Maintenance(707)654-1120
Calipes, Zelda Payroll AssistantHuman Resources(707)654-1712
Calnan, Kevin T Voc Lec Maritime AY-NCMarine Transportation(707)654-1018
Caplin, Mark Per Diem Physician AssistantHealth Center(707)654-1188
Carmichael, Elisabeth A. Lecturer AYCulture & Communication(707)654-1066
Carreon, Donna HR Systems AnalystHuman Resources(707)654-1025
Carter, Carlo Community Service SpecPolice Services(707)654-1769
Carvalho, Michael O. Coaching Assistant AYAthletics(707)654-1050
Case, Siobhan Disability Services CoordDisability Services(707)654-1283
Cazares, Adilene Food Service Worker IICMA Food Service Operations(707)654-1008
Cendejas Hinojosa, Andrea M Enrollment Services CounselorAdmissions and Outreach(707)654-1331
Ceryes, Deborah M Assistant to DeanSchool of MTLM-Administrative(707)654-1774
Chandrasevkaran, Gopaal PeopleSoft AnalystAdministrative Computing(707)654-1729
Chaney, David CMA Carpenter IBuilding Maintenance(707)654-1123
Chang-Siu, Evan Instr Fac AYEngineering Technology(707)654-1018
Chappell, Geoffrey T CMA GroundskeeperGrounds(707)654-1120
Chin, Laura Desktop Services (ITC)Administrative Computing(707)654-1728
Chisholm, Julianne K. Instr Fac AYCulture & Communication(707)654-1169
Chou, Grace S Dir Student Health CenterHealth Center(707)654-1173
Christopher, Robyn L USCG Licensing Pgm CoordInstructional Support(707)654-1297
Cifuentes-Lorenzen, Alejandro P Instr Fac AYScience & Mathematics(707)654-1018
Cintas, Richard L CMA Lead GroundskeeperGrounds(707)654-1128
Clark, David E CMA GroundskeeperGrounds(707)654-1120
Clarke, Natalia Lecturer AYAthletics(707)654-1232
Clyatt, Thomas J Lecturer AYEngineering Technology(707)654-1018
Cole, Erin EB Instructional Support Tech IIISchool of Engineering - Admin(707)654-1232
Cook, Lyle R First Assistant EngineerTraining Ship Golden Bear(707)654-1315
Cooper, Eric S Community Development MgrHousing: Operations & Revenue(707)654-1299
Cosca, Mark R Cook ICMA Food Service Operations(707)654-1213
Cosgrove, Theresa M Dir Ann Giving & Alumni RelatUniversity Advancement(707)654-1299
Coyle, John Thomas Chief EngineerTraining Ship Golden Bear(707)654-1304
Cranford, Kristine A Confidential AssistantDean of Students(707)654-1190
Crawford, Brian S Instr Fac AY-CR CMA - DieselsEngineering Technology(707)654-1018
Cropper, Thomas A. PresidentOffice of the President(707)654-1011
Crumby, Efame C CustodianCustodial Services - Ent Svcs(707)654-1411
Culpepper, Sharon F. Executive AssistantUniversity Advancement(707)654-1246
Cumia, Philippe M Dir of Business DevelopmentHousing: Operations & Revenue(707)654-1407
Dansro, Sean T Desktop Services (ITC)Administrative Computing(707)654-1047
Dapikilla, Ruben CustodianCustodial Services - Ent Svcs(707)654-1411
Dawson, Craig Thomas Mgr, Envrnmntl Health SafetySafety & Risk Management(707)654-1076
Dewey, Colin Dept ChairCulture & Communication(707)654-1065
Dhillon, Vineeta Dir. Student Equity & PgmsStudent Equity & Programs(707)654-1283
Dickson, Breauna A Admin Support CoordnthSchool of Engineering - Admin(707)654-1232
Dineen-Thackeray, Lorrie Dir, Contract & ProcurementPurchasing(707)654-1086
Donnelly, Richard J Aquatics CoordinatorAthletics(707)654-1791
Dudman, Matt Lecturer AYIntern'l Business & Logistics(707)654-1197
Edington, La Tanya R. Accounting TechnicianFinancial Operations(707)654-1027
Edwards, Kristofer Sr. Info Tech ConsultantHousing: Operations & Revenue(707)654-1724
Ekanayake, Ekanayake M Instr Fac,Spcl Pgms-For CreditMaster's Program(707)654-1271
Elliott, Britt T Voc Instr IV Maritime AY-CRMarine Transportation(707)654-1254
Elwell, Mira SSP Academic Related II AYHealth Center(707)654-1174
Fahey, Paula L Accountant IIFinancial Operations(707)654-1781
Fairbanks, Matthew S Instr Fac AYScience & Mathematics(707)654-1107
Feigel, Ruth Ashley Prospect ResearcherUniversity Advancement(707)654-1789
Fischer, Jonathan S. Instr Fac AYEngineering Technology(707)654-1243
Fitzgerald, Timothy M Sports Information DirectorPublic Relations(707)654-1050
Flynn, Kelly J Day MateTraining Ship Golden Bear(707)654-1211
Ford, Charles R Police OfficerPolice Services(707)654-1176
Fortuno, Michael J Police OfficerPolice Services(707)654-1176
Fowler, Lisa Administrative AssistantPlant Office(707)654-1120
Frick, Christopher L Lecturer AYCulture & Communication(707)654-1066
Galicia, Joseph A CMA GroundskeeperGrounds(707)309-9492
Garcia, Ismael C Cook IICMA Food Service Operations(707)654-1213
Garcia, Xiomara Records & Articulation CoordRecords(707)654-1203
Geist, Joseph LeRoy Jr2nd EngineerTraining Ship Golden Bear(707)654-1314
Gillespie, Jack Lecturer AYEngineering Technology(707)654-1018
Glaze, Joshua D Electrician I CMABuilding Maintenance(707)654-1120
Gonzales, Patrick Andrew Canieso Simulator OperatorSimulators(707)654-1160
Goodrich, Mark N AVP Enterprise ServiceHousing: Operations & Revenue(707)654-1563
Gordon, Donny E Chief of PolicePolice Services(707)654-1176
Grate, Peter Voc Lec Maritime AY-NCMarine Transportation(707)654-1018
Green, Scott William Voc Instr Maritime AY-CREngineering Technology(707)654-1112
Grover, David Lecturer AYEngineering Technology(707)654-1115
Grover, Melissa Ruby Operations ManagerMaintenance - Ent Svcs(707)654-1411
Gutierrez, Jim Instr Fac AYMechanical Engineering(707)654-1229
Gutierrez, Walter H Network/Systems LeadAdministrative Computing(707)654-1706
Gutkina, Olga Lecturer AYScience & Mathematics(707)654-1232
Handly, Neal B. Lecturer - Academic YearEngineering Technology(707)654-1173
Hansen, Katherine E Student Academic Support ServiRecords(707)654-1794
Hanson, Margo LibrarianLibrary(707)654-1091
Harper, Patricia L Admin Analyst/SpecialistSchool of L&S - Admin(707)654-1018
Hartman, Lauren Lecturer AYCulture & Communication(707)654-1018
Hasson-Snell, Antony Instr Fac AYMechanical Engineering(707)654-1291
Hayes, Peter Instr Fac AY-CR CMAMarine Transportation(707)654-1290
Hegler, Aramis M Port Security GuardPolice Services(707)654-1176
Hein, Paul L. Instr Fac,Spcl Pgms-For CreditMaster's Program(707)654-1099
Hembree, Jennifer A. Director University AffairsOffice of the President(707)654-1780
Henry, Brandon CustodianCustodial(707)654-1131
Hernandez, Marie E Manager, Payroll & BenefitsHuman Resources(707)654-1138
Heslop, Beverley J Parking CoordinatorPolice Services(707)654-1681
Hiatt, Steven J Coaching Assist- Academic YearAthletics(707)654-1050
Higgins, Wendy L Director Career ServicesCareer Center-Placement(707)654-1071
Hodes, Leora A Career CoordinatorCareer Center-Placement(707)654-1071
Holden, Michael E Instr Fac AYMechanical Engineering(707)654-1109
Holl-mcgowan, Valerie E Voc Lec Maritime AY-NCMarine Transportation(707)654-1154
Hollister, Patrick M Assoc Director, AthleticsAthletics(707)654-1052
Hoppe, Eric C Grants & Contracts SpecialistResearch & Sponsored Programs(707)654-1796
Houston-Collins, Tari Exec Asst to PresidentOffice of the President(707)654-1032
Hutchinson, Heather S Family Nurse PractitionerHealth Center(707)654-1188
Isakson, Christine D Instr Fac AYIntern'l Business & Logistics(707)654-1774
Jackson, Paul C Instr Fac,Spcl Pgms-For CreditMaster's Program(707)654-1181
Jackson, Travis JrCustodianCustodial(707)654-1131
Janssen, Amber LibrarianLibrary(707)654-1093
Jefferson, Jamal E CustodianCustodial Services - Ent Svcs(707)654-1411
Jennings, Carla A Medical AssistantHealth Center(707)654-1170
Jeske, Patricia G Cook ICMA Food Service Operations(707)654-1213
Joaquin, Angelica V Cook IICMA Food Service Operations(707)654-1213
Johnson, Paige M Lead, Student Financials Ops.Financial Operations(707)654-1028
Johnson, Tracey F Lecturer AYScience & Mathematics(707)654-1018
Joseph, Rabindranath Univ Controller Dir Fisc AffaiFinancial Operations(707)654-1054
Kazek, Michael S Instr Fac AYEngineering Technology(707)654-1744
Kidwell, Sarah E Sr Dir Pub Affairs & CommunicaPublic Relations(707)654-1245
Kikos, Patricia A Cook IICMA Food Service Operations(707)654-1213
Killingsworth, Demetrius R SrBuilding Maintenance WrkrMaintenance - Ent Svcs(707)654-1411
Kipp, Sylvia R Senior Budget AnalystBudget(707)654-1029
Koekemoer, Samantha Admin Support CoordRA - CME (Extended Lrng)(707)654-1830
Konecni, Anthony J Company CommandantOffice of the Commandant(707)654-1006
Kreta, Stephen J Instr Fac AYEngineering Technology(707)654-1019
Lam, Mike PeopleSoft AnalystAdministrative Computing(707)654-1721
Lawson, Michael Community Service SpecPolice Services(707)654-1176
LeVan, Kenneth P Voc Lec Maritime AY-CREngineering Technology(707)654-1018
Lewis, Bryce C Marine Electrical OfficerTraining Ship Golden Bear(707)654-1304
Lewis, Cody R Systems AdministratorAdministrative Computing(707)654-1720
Lewis, Nicholas R Voc Lec Maritime AY-NC-ProfMarine Transportation(707)654-1241
Lewis, Tony Instr Fac AYIntern'l Business & Logistics(707)654-1018
Lin, Hao Instr Fac,Spcl Pgms-For CreditMaster's Program(707)654-1271
Lindsay, Destiny M Police OfficerPolice Services(707)654-1176
Loera, Krystal R University AdvisorRecords(707)654-1785
Loiacono, Stephen Scientific Program ManagerBallast Contract Residual(707)654-1259
Lombardo, Carissa M Company CommandantOffice of the Commandant(707)654-1006
Long, Lindsay M Assistant to the CaptainTraining Ship Golden Bear(707)654-1018
Long, Steffan Lecturer AYEngineering Technology(707)654-1018
Lopez, Magdalena N CustodianCustodial(707)654-1120
Lozano, Franz VP for Admin & FinanceVP Administration & Finance(707)654-1038
Lu, Han Lecturer AYCulture & Communication(707)654-1021
Luce, Katherine LibrarianLibrary(707)654-1097
Luna, Maritess F Administrative AssistantCareer Center-Placement(707)654-1071
Mady, Khaoi D Mgr Learn & Academic TechnologAudio Visual(707)654-1659
Maier, Donald D Dean MT, Logistics, MgmtSchool of MTLM-Administrative(707)654-1446
Malaquias, Assis Instr Fac AYGlobal Studies & Mar Affairs(707)654-1197
Mandernack, Kevin W Dean Letters & SciencesSchool of L&S - Admin(707)654-1018
Marocchino, Kathryn D Instr Fac AYCulture & Communication(707)654-1152
Marshall, Glenn R. Stationary Engineer CMABuilding Maintenance(707)654-1120
Martin, Michael J AVP, HR, Safety & Risk Mgmt.Human Resources(707)654-1135
McClain, Chelsea E Univ Relations & Engage MgrOffice of the President(707)654-1240
McGee, Marc S Dir, Admission & RecruitmentAdmissions and Outreach(707)654-1331
McGinley, Jessica L Confidential AssistantProvost/VP Academic Affairs(707)654-1040
Mcnie, Elizabeth C Instr Fac AYMarine Transportation(707)645-1018
Meredith, Dianne E Instr Fac AYGlobal Studies & Mar Affairs(707)654-1166
Metz, Jennifer M Lecturer - Academic YearGlobal Studies & Mar Affairs(707)654-1222
Miller, Darrell K Maintenance MechanicMaintenance - Ent Svcs(707)654-1407
Miller, Demetra A HR Faculty AnalystHuman Resources(707)654-1244
Miller, Rebecca C Lecturer AYMarine Transportation(707)654-1173
Miner, Rick D CMA Painter IBuilding Maintenance(707)654-1123
Moorhead, Keir M Voc Instr Maritime AY-CREngineering Technology(707)654-1018
Moradmand, Ali FT Faculty Unit-Addtl EmplymtScience & Mathematics(707)654-1018
Moser, Gary R Dir of Institutional ResearchOffice of the President(707)654-1224
Mughannam, Alan G Port Security GuardPolice Services(707)654-1770
Muha, Priscilla D Director Financial AidFinancial Aid Administration(707)654-1275
Mulhauser, Christopher Eng. Equipment TechnicianSchool of Engineering - Admin(707)654-1232
Murphy, Jennifer L Lecturer AYScience & Mathematics(707)654-1018
Myslik, Joellen P. Community Engagement SpclstDean of Students(707)654-1412
Nayeem, Sheikh A Dir of Energy & SustainabilityOffice of the President(707)654-1011
Neto, Francelina A Dean School EngineeringSchool of Engineering - Admin(707)654-1232
Neumann, Robert J. Lecturer - Academic YearIntern'l Business & Logistics(707)654-1163
Nicolay, Paul C. Stationary Engineer CMABuilding Maintenance(707)654-1124
Nincic, Donna J Instr Fac Academic Year - FERPGlobal Studies & Mar Affairs(707)654-1202
Nordenholz, Thomas R Instruct Faculty-Academic YearMechanical Engineering(707)654-1114
Nubla, Catherine M Financial Aid CounselorFinancial Aid Administration(707)654-1287
Obenchain, Gaema G Office ManagerEducational Opportunity Prgm(707)654-1288
Odom, Julia L RegistrarRecords(707)654-1201
Olazo, Rodrigo L Cook IICMA Food Service Operations(707)654-1213
Oppenheim, Tomas Instr Fac AYMechanical Engineering(707)654-1018
Padilla, Teresa A CustodianCustodial Services - Ent Svcs(707)654-1411
Parker, Alexander E Instruc Faculty-Academic YearScience & Mathematics(707)654-1018
Parsons, Amy C Instr Fac AYCulture & Communication(707)654-1238
Pate, Rhonda Operations & Budget Coord.Provost/VP Academic Affairs(707)654-1040
Pearson, Samuel B IIIInstr Fac AY-CR CMAMarine Transportation(707)654-1774
Pecota, Samuel Dir MP & Commd Ofcr TSGBTraining Ship Golden Bear(707)654-1164
Pelczarski, Danielle L Deputy CommandantOffice of the Commandant(707)654-1006
Peng, Li Accountant IIIFinancial Operations(707)654-1074
McMahon, Kathleen Vice President Student AffairsVP Student Affairs(707)654-1168
Pinisetty, Dinesh Dept ChairEngineering Technology(707)654-1116
Piper, Eric Joel Voc Lec Maritime AY-NCMarine Transportation(707)654-1018
Pohlmann, Brent G Instr Fac AYScience & Mathematics(707)654-1036
Pronchick, Stephen W Instr Fac,Spcl Pgms-For CreditMaster's Program(707)654-1106
Pulanco, Edwin A. Shipping & Receiving PropertyWarehouse(707)654-1125
Purdy, Romaine H B Cook IICMA Food Service Operations(707)654-1213
Quirk, Daniel R SergeantPolice Services(707)654-1770
Reece, Barbara C Manager, Human Capital MgmtHuman Resources(707)654-1021
Reiman, Fred Voc Lec Maritime AY-NCMarine Transportation(707)654-1018
Renda-Tanali, Irmak Instr Fac,Spcl Pgms-For CreditMaster's Program(707)654-1271
Retherford, Cragen J Police OfficerPolice Services(707)654-1176
Robinson, Tarra A Administrative AssistantUniversity Advancement(707)654-1562
Rodriguez, Eusebio Lecturer AYCulture & Communication(707)654-1018
Rodriguez, Ryan M Career CounselorCareer Center-Placement(707)654-1071
Rogers, Timothy L Equipment TechnicianWaterfront(707)654-1252
Rosier, Levi Cook ICMA Food Service Operations(707)654-1213
Ross, Michael D Port Security GuardPolice Services(707)654-1770
Rossi, Tina Marie Aquatics SupervisorAthletics(707)654-1791
Runyon, Nicole Instr Fac,Spcl Pgms-For CreditMaster's Program(707)654-1271
Rupert, Lisa E Accounts Payable AccountantFinancial Operations(707)654-1028
Sansone, Jelayn C Accountant IIFinancial Operations(707)654-1280
Santos, Cecilia J Admissions AnalystAdmissions and Outreach(707)654-1332
Satterwhite, David Lee Instr Fac AYEngineering Technology(707)654-1232
Sawyer, Alison Lecturer AYIntern'l Business & Logistics
Sayles, Kenneth J CMA Stationary EngineerBuilding Maintenance(707)654-1285
Scheese, Emily A Coaching AssistantAthletics(707)654-1841
Scheidemantle, Ryan Steven Career CounselorCareer Center-Placement(707)654-1194
Schmid, William E Voc Instr IV Maritime AY-NCMarine Transportation(707)654-1235
Schneider, Andrea SSP Academic Related IIHealth Center(707)654-1174
Schroeder, Lori K Provost & VP Academic AffairsProvost/VP Academic Affairs(707)654-1020
Scott, Steven R Instr Fac,Spcl Pgms-For CreditMaster's Program(707)654-1271
Scranton, Roger L. Student Conduct AdministratorDiscipline & Conduct(707)654-1236
Scrivani, James L CustodianCustodial(707)654-1131
Sears, James T Food Service Worker IICMA Food Service Operations(707)654-1213
Seleska, Nicholas J Second Mate & Compliance OfcrTraining Ship Golden Bear(707)654-1211
Senk-Auton, Sarah Instr Fac AYCulture & Communication(707)654-1018
Setniker, Ariel Instr Fac AYScience & Mathematics(707)654-1774
Sevigny, Tyler James Office CoordinatorHousing: Operations & Revenue(707)654-1407
Shackman, Joshua D Instr Fac AYIntern'l Business & Logistics(707)654-1018
Shields, Nicolas Andrew Engineering Operations ManagerBallast Contract Residual(707)654-1386
Sigler-Seaman, Sean C CustodianCustodial(707)654-1120
Simen, Janice H Per Diem Non Exempt HealthcareHealth Center(707)654-1170
Simons, Julie Instruc Faculty-Academic YearScience & Mathematics(707 654 1018
Sims, Tianna C Medical AssistantHealth Center(707)654-1170
Sims, Woody J Lecturer - Academic YearAthletics(707)654-1050
Sinha, Aparna Instr Fac AYCulture & Communication(707)654-1018
Sisneros, John A Maintenance Mechanic CMABuilding Maintenance(707)654-1003
Smiljanic-Villa, Shari L Records Data AnalystRecords(707)654-1200
Solana, Louis Voc Lec Maritime AY-NCMarine Transportation(707)654-1021
Solemnidad, Luis T Network SystemsAdministrative Computing(707)654-1762
Solorio, Gilbert G Financial Aid Syst AnalystFinancial Aid Administration(707)654-1275
Som, Andrew Budget DirectorBudget(707)654-1032
Sonne, Jennifer C Web & Social Media SpecialistPublic Relations(707)654-1060
Sooch, Kamaljit S Regional Gift OfficerUniversity Advancement(707)654-1262
Soriano, Jeffrey P Port Security GuardPolice Services(707)654-1770
Sosa, Paul C Systems AdministratorAdministrative Computing(707)654-1084
Sotuyo, Jessica T Sr. Enrollment Svcs CounselorAdmissions and Outreach(707)654-1334
Sprague, Erin Dir Sailing & Rec BoatingAthletics(707)654-1050
Stackpole, Mark L Library TechnologistLibrary(707)654-1092
Starr, Scott Lecturer AYCulture & Communication(707)654-1018
Stell, Danielle A. L. Health Services AssistantHealth Center(707)654-1172
Stewart, Kathleen M Food Service Worker ICMA Food Service Operations(707)654-1008
Steyn, Petronella Help Desk LeadAdministrative Computing(707)654-1047
Storz, Ryan Instr Fac AYEngineering Technology(707)654-1018
Strange, Michael E. Instr Fac AYEngineering Technology(707.654.1702
Strickland, JoAnne L Lecturer - Academic YearScience & Mathematics(707)654-1126
Subaba, Romulo A Mgr, Facility OperationsBuilding Maintenance(707)654-1120
Sutro, Marisa Claire Voc Lec Maritime AY-NCMarine Transportation(707)654-1018
Taliaferro, David A Commandant of CadetsOffice of the Commandant(707)654-1788
Weaver, Melany M FT Faculty Unit-Addtl EmplymtMarine Transportation(707)654-1211
Tener, Kristen A Assoc Dean Student EngagementDean of Students(707)654-1786
Tener, Matthew R Coord Acad Prep & SupportEarly Assessment Program(707)654-1081
Thibodeau, Patricia C.M. Library Services Spec IIILibrary(707)654-1090
Thomas, Julie M Medical AssistantHealth Center(707)654-1170
Timpson, Brigham J AVP Univer Affairs & COSOffice of the President(707)654-1788
Tjokro, Irene Emas Manager, Bookstore OperationsBookstore(707)654-1185
Tolson, Julianne I Chief Information OfficerAdministrative Computing(707)654-1727
Torche, Louis J Police OfficerPolice Services(707)654-1176
Torres, Anthony R Port Security GuardPolice Services(707)654-1681
Tressel, Michael C. Coaching Assist- Academic YearAthletics(707)654-1289
Trevisan, Cynthia S. Instr Fac AYScience & Mathematics(707)654-1119
Tsai, William W Instr Fac AYMechanical Engineering(707)654-1018
Tsuma, Clive Lecturer AYGlobal Studies & Mar Affairs(707)654-2018
Valentine, Charie R Food Service Worker IICMA Food Service Operations(707)654-1213
Van Hoeck, Michele K Dean, Library & Learning SvcsLibrary(707)654-1097
Van Pelt, Tom G Director Facilities PlanningCampus Planning(707)654-1127
Vazquez, Ruben JrSergeantPolice Services(707)654-1176
Vescio, Frank G Accounting ManagerFinancial Operations(707)654-1781
Villicana, Andres Q Lead CustodianCustodial Services - Ent Svcs(707)654-1411
Wade, Ryan D Instruc Faculty-Academic YearGlobal Studies & Mar Affairs(707)654-1167
Wallace, Ian J SSP Academic Related II AYHealth Center(707)654-1174
Ward, Jeffrey S Coaching Assistant AYAthletics(707)654-1055
Ward, Margaret Instr Fac AYMarine Transportation(707)654-1672
Warner, Lisa M Voc Lec MaritimeTraining Ship Golden Bear(707)654-1386
Warren, Angelique G Operations & Budget Coord.University Advancement(707)654-1562
Washington, Earnest LaborerMaintenance - Ent Svcs(707)654-1563
Weinstock, Daniel Martin Dept ChairMarine Transportation(707)654-1239
Whitney, Scott G CustodianCustodial(707)654-1131
Wilson, Lavella D Administrative AssistantAthletics(707)654-1050
Winchell, Mara C Disability Services AssistantDisability Services(707)654-1561
Wright, Eddie Community Service SpecPolice Services(707)654-1176
Xiong, King C EOP CoordinatorEducational Opportunity Prgm(707)654-1288
Yip, Frank L. Instr Fac AYScience & Mathematics(707)654-1723
Yoder, Karen L Dir Athletics & Physical EdOffice of the President(707)654-1790
Zamora-Blair, Andrea E HR & Student Employment CoordHuman Resources(707)654-1137
Zarza, Eric J CMA Stationary EngineerBuilding Maintenance(707)654-1120