The Corps of Cadets

Formation with cadets  1939 formation

For over 90 years, CSU Maritime Academy has been developing leaders. A staple to the CSU Maritime Academy experience is the being part of the Corps of Cadets. This unique structure puts day-to-day responsibility and accountability into the hands of cadets. Our campus is a leadership laboratory that puts cadets in charge of their experience. When a cadet graduates from CSU Maritime Academy, they will be ready to step into any professional setting as not an employee, but as a leader.

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Corps of Cadets FAQs


Yes, every undergraduate student attending CSU Maritime is a cadet and adheres to the standards set by the Corps of Cadets.

Graduate students participate in their own program outside of the standards set by the Corps of Cadets.

The Corps of Cadets is a unique structure that gives cadets the ability to lead and make impactful change on campus.

Uniform inspections are normally weekly and conducted during formation.

As a Maritime Academy, the United States Code of Federal Regulation requires all mariners in training to adhere to uniform standards. In addition to the legal requirement, the uniform helps to teach cadets how to dress and conduct themselves professionally.

Corps is pronounced like the word Core.

Drug tests are normally conducted at random and usually once a week for only a small amount of cadets. The United States Coast Guard requires drug test for all mariners and mariners in training.