At Cal Maritime you are more than a student, you are a cadet. 

Female Cadets Since 1929, Cal Maritime has combined the roles of student, leader, athlete, and teammate into what we know today as a cadet. Cadets make a difference on our campus and lead one another from the first day they arrive. Cadets realize they are part of something bigger and strive to live up to our nearly 100 years of history. Leadership is instilled in every cadet from the day you step foot on the campus. This is why Cal Maritime cadets are sought after as leaders in the maritime industry.

Some of the more material parts of being a cadet include adhering to shared uniform and grooming standards, living by our core values, punctuality, and supporting shipmates. 

"Cadet" is more than a title at Cal Maritime. It represents our ethos and commitment to excellence.

two cadets with cover