In addition to the uniform, a cadet’s ability to adhere to shared grooming standards creates an image of professionalism and pride. While hair and grooming standards have changed and evolved over the course of Cal Maritime’s history, the concept that cadets agree to follow these standards has remained the same. The maritime industry as a whole understands and knows that Cal Maritime cadets have the ability to present themselves professionally while on campus and in the field.

Short haircuts -will be conservative in style and professional in appearance. Haircuts will not exceed two inches in bulk with a taper of no longer than ¼” with an even fade. Angled cuts will have even graduation with a difference under 2”. Sideburns will not fall below the center of the ear and will have a straight cut. Hair will be worn in a tight & safe manner.

Long hair that falls below the collar must be pulled into a neat bun to fit under uniform covers. Back of hair shall not touch or fall below the collar. Bulk of the hair shall not interfere with the proper wearing of regulation headgear.

Only natural hair color dyes are permitted.

FACIAL HAIR - Cadets are required to shave every morning before donning their uniform. If a cadet chooses to grow a mustache it will not fall below the upper lip and will not extend past the corners of the mouth.

HAIR ACCESSORIES - All hair accessories must be consistent with wearer’s hair color. Excessive number of accessories may not be worn.