Grooming Standards

Appearance in uniform is a key element of Cal Maritime and its graduates. It is Cal Maritime’s hope that these standards set a baseline for cadets’ personal and professional image and, regardless of whether they are in or out of uniform, represent the values of and pride in our institution.

These standards apply on lower campus, 0700-1630, Monday-Friday, on days when classes are in session, in addition to any other times when cadets are on official academy business (e.g., watch, classes, representing Cal Maritime in an official capacity, or Cal Maritime events), unless otherwise announced. Cadets engaged in off-campus experiential learning activities, such as internships, may be required to conform to other standards, as directed by site staff.

Official Cadet Photo – Port Pass Photo

All incoming cadets are required to submit a headshot photo to be included on their official Academy identification card – the “Port Pass”. New cadets should follow the below language with specific emphasis on Hair Requirements and Facial Hair, as applicable, to be in standard prior to taking and submitting their official photo. Photos that are out of standard will not be accepted and may result in a delay to receiving your Academy ID upon arrival to campus.

Hair Requirements

  • Long hair is defined as that which falls past the bottom of the back shirt collar, when not secured. Long hair must be pulled into a single tight bun on the midline at the top or back of head or, alternatively, put into a single braid, gathered braids, or a ponytail on the midline at the back of the head; braids and ponytails may not fall more than 3 inches below the bottom of the shirt collar.
  • Short hair is defined as that which does not fall past the bottom of the back shirt collar, when not secured. Short hair need not be pulled back or secured in any way, except as outlined below.
  • All hair, regardless of length must be maintained or secured so as not to obscure any part of the eyes or face and to allow for the proper wearing of the appropriate Uniform of the Day ballcap or combination cover.

Facial Hair

  • Mustaches are authorized, but may neither fall below the upper lip nor extend past the corners of the mouth. Sideburns are authorized, but may not extend past below mid-ear level. No other facial hair is authorized and cadets are to be in uniform, free of facial hair of any length, including overnight growth, other than mustaches or sideburns. Beards of any length are not authorized while in uniform.


  • Fingernails shall not exceed 0.25 in., measured from the fingertip. Body Piercings
  • The wearing of stud earrings, each no larger than 0.2 in. (0.5 cm) in diameter, in ears is authorized. No piercings other than those in the ear are authorized, if visible while in uniform wearing the Uniform of the Day. Rings
  • One ring is permitted on each hand. An engagement and wedding pair of rings is authorized as a single ring on the same hand.


  • Necklaces are authorized, but must be worn inside the uniform.

Bracelets, Wrist Watches, and Fitness Trackers

  • A total of one bracelet and wristwatch / fitness tracker, when worn on opposite wrists, are authorized.

Any exceptions to the uniform and grooming standards require written authorization, known as a “chit,” from an appropriate office within the Division of Student Affairs*. One example of the use of a chit would be the approval of alternate footwear due to an injury. Upon request, cadets must indicate they have a chit for a uniform and grooming accommodation; this may be verified with the Office of the Commandant.

*Medical requests are addressed by the Student Health Center; accessibility requests are addressed by the Office of Accessibility and Disability Services; and other requests are addressed by the Office of the Dean of Students, each in consultation with the Office of the Commandant.