Today my project partner and I got to utilize and practice our presentation skills to discuss the current state of maritime security in Roatan, Honduras. We were the first research group to go, and we were hosted in the Roatan Institute of Marine Sciences (RIMS) classroom. Our IE student group was present as well as various invited staff of RIMS and Anthony’s Key Resort.

Honduras has great laws regarding maritime security and environmental protection. The issue we found is a lack of the resources necessary to enforce those laws and regulations. The Roatan Marine Park, which surrounds the area we are visiting, is a non-governmental organization that deploys rangers to patrol the coasts to make sure nobody is fishing illegally out of fishing zones, and making sure they have the proper equipment. However, they are unable to physically enforce or arrest individuals who are breaking the law. Every so often they will patrol with a member of the Honduran navy who has the authority to tow boats and cite people.

Our presentation went rather well and we had a great in-depth discussion afterwards with the audience who had many thoughts to add on to our findings. We plan to take this back to our International Security and Strategy department as we continue to round out our learning of global security.

- Cadet David Marez

Professors Stephen Kielar and Ariel Setniker contributed to this blog entry.

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