The mathematics minor is open to students of all majors. It is designed for students interested in becoming mathematically sophisticated at levels beyond what is required by their major. Applications of mathematics to human understanding of the physical world are emphasized.  

In addition to the general requirements for earning a minor at Cal Maritime, and to receive a transcript notation of having completed the specific requirements for a minor in Mathematics, the student will have completed 22 units from the following curriculum:

Courses Required for Minor

Course # of Units
MTH 210.  Calculus I 4 units
MTH 211.  Calculus II   4 units
MTH 212.  Calculus III 4 units
MTH 215.  Differential Equations 4 units
MTH 250.  Introduction to Linear Algebra 3 units
MTH 395.  Special Topics in Mathematics 3 units


Minor Advisors

Dr. Taiyo Inoue, Dr. Brent Pohlmann, Dr. Ariel Setniker and Dr. Julie Simons