ASCMA Officers

ASCMA officers represent the student body through various positions. There are elected officers, executive officers who are selected by the executive officers, upper-class and lower-class senators, and liaison positions. Each officer has their very own important area to serve to ensure that the entire student population is represented to the fullest extent. 

Executive Officers:

President, CEO Max Jones
Vice President of Finance, CFO Jeff Mueller
Director of Student Affairs Libby Bowles
Director of Communications Erin Hulti
Chief of Staff Ryan Okada
Chair of the Board Reid Zieber
Executive Director Josie Alexander


Upperclass Engineering  Becca Masliah
Underclass Engineering Daniel Golinski
Upperclass Letters & Sciences Roxanne Mina
Underclass Letters & Sciences Ona Schafer
Upperclass Marine Transportation, Logistics, & Management Conor Finnerty
Upperclass Marine Transportation, Logistics, & Management Ryan Edminster



Community Engagement Liaison Killian Fegley 
Student Services Coordinator

Travis Liberman

R. Ben Voth 

Residence Life Liaison

Mackenzie Fink 

Corps of Cadets Liaison

Alicia Porter-Villalobos
Sarai Alonso

Judicial Advocate


Gray Coughenour

Faye Joelson

Kevin Kohles

Ari Lebeau 


Lead Event Coordinator Danely Espinoza Amaya
Event Coordinator Ryan Bean 
Event Coordinator JR Hickam
Event Coordinator Trinity So
Event Coordinator Tasha Tilakamonkul