Name Title Department Phone
Bawdon, Ethan Voc Lec Maritime 12 Mo CruisEngineering Technology(707)654-1211
Fischer, Jonathan S. Associate ProfessorEngineering Technology(707)654-1243
Green, Scott William Maritime Vocational Instructor IIEngineering Technology(707)654-1112
Grover, David Lecturer AYEngineering Technology(707)654-1115
Kazek, Michael S Associate ProfessorEngineering Technology(707)654-1744
LeVan, Kenneth P Voc Lec Maritime AYCREngineering Technology(707)654-1115
Long, Steffan Lecturer AYEngineering Technology(707)654-1108
Miller, Rebecca C Lecturer AYEngineering Technology(707)654-1736
Moorhead, Keir M Department Chair 12 monthEngineering Technology(707)654-1117
Nosker, Zachary Z Assistant ProfessorEngineering Technology(707)654-1023
Paquin, Brock Watch Stander/Day WorkerTraining Ship Golden Bear(707)654-1211
Satterwhite, David Lee Assistant ProfessorEngineering Technology(707)654-1061
Strange, Michael E. Associate ProfessorEngineering Technology(707)654-1702

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