Michael Strange headshot

Degree Major Emphasis Institution Year
M.S. Mechanical Engineering Stanford University 1986
B.S. Mechanical Engineering San Diego State University 1984

Associate Professor Michael Strange is originally from San Diego.  He has a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from San Diego State University where he interned at Naval Ocean Systems Center as a support services engineer.  He also has a Masters of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University where he studied precision manufacturing & metrology and fatigue performance of welded components.  His depth is in Material Science, Strength of Materials, Mechanical Design, Design Theory, Manufacturing Processes and Manufacturing Systems.

After seven years as an engineering instructor at San Francisco State University, he came to Cal Maritime in 2008.

Professionally he has consulted in the area of pediatric surgery, focusing on device design in cooperation with the UCSF-Stanford Pediatric Device Consortium.  Additionally, he acts as a consultant and engineering services coordinator for several content creation companies including Beyond Productions (MythBusters canon).

Mr. Strange is married with four children and he lives in Benicia, California.  He enjoys fishing and theater when he is not busy participating as a contestant on BattleBots.

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