In addition to the general requirements for earning a minor at Cal Maritime, and to receive a transcript notation of having completed the specific requirements for a minor in Naval Science, the student will have completed at least 15 units from the following curriculum:

All students must complete the following courses:

NSC 200.  Naval Science for the Merchant Marine Reservist I  3 units

NSC 400.  Leadership, Ethics, and Naval Science
                  for the Merchant Marine Reservist II                        4 units

Plus at least 8 units from the following courses:

NSC 100.  Naval Science for the MMO/SSO                             3 units

NSC 255.  Midshipman Naval Training Cruise
                (in conjunction with CRU 200 or CRU 250)                3 units

NSC 310.  Naval Operations                                                      4 units
NSC 310L.  Naval Operations Lab                                             0 units

NSC 315.  Navigation (for Engineers)                                        4 units
NSC 315L.  Navigation Lab (for Engineers)                               0 units

NSC 390.  Independent Study in Naval Science                       
          (may be used in lieu of NSC 310 with Chair approval)     3 units

NSC 450.  Advanced Midshipman Naval Training                      
                 (one unit per semester up to a total of five units)       1 unit

Minor Advisor:

LT Kevin Sandifer