Mission of RIO

The mission of RIO is to develop collaborative alliances for the research, development, testing and evaluation of technologies, practices, and policies. RIO will seek to engage an increasingly broad range of projects regarding the maritime industry, renewable energies, oceanography, and cybersecurity.  More specifically, projects supported under the aegis of the Cal Maritime Research and Innovation Office will serve one or more of the following purposes:  

1) to facilitate the involvement of and opportunities for Cal Maritime faculty, staff and students in blue and green technology research, especially by supporting grant acquisitions;

2) to provide a platform for maritime scientists, entrepreneurs, and industry leaders alike to test new and developing technologies or systems, especially via contract work;

 3) to offer an intellectual, professional platform for the exchange of ideas around various maritime policies, including security and sustainability; 

 4) to draw out lessons and recommendations from the successes and failures of its work in order to feed both ongoing and future work; and 

 5) to heighten the education of Cal Maritime cadets by offering them numerous rich opportunities for undergraduate research and applied learning.