Below you will find all the forms needed to submit and manage your sponsored project.

PI Pre-Award Handbook

The following forms are required for ALL external funding proposal submissions, regardless of other templates provided by sponsors. RIO will route the forms for signatures, along with any other sponsor required application materials for institutional endorsement. A proposal may not be submitted prior to these forms being routed and signed.

Proposal Approval Routing Form

Budget Template - includes a salary calculator to determine faculty pay rates as well as a list of benefit rates by classification.

Award Acceptance Form (AAF) - To be completed upon succesful funding of a proposal.

Memorandum of Understanding - This form is required of Principal Investigators (PIs) for EACH award they receive. It certifies that the PI is aware of and will comply with all award administration requirements and states who will be allowed to spend the awarded funds.

Reapproval Form - This form is used to request modifications to existing awards (e.g. request an extension or additional funds).

Conflict of Interest - Governmental

Conflict of Interest - Non-governmental (700-U)


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