As we have been getting closer to South Korea, our daily routine continues with the regular
maintenance of our ship, watch, and schoolwork; however, we have had a few unforgettable
moments in the last couple of days.

T.S. Golden Bear circled around a very tall rock in the middle of the ocean called Lot's Wife
(Sōfu Iwa). Lot’s Wife is 100-meters tall and approximately 550 kilometers from mainland Japan.
As the ship was approaching Lot’s Wife, everyone came out and grabbed their deck chairs to
watch it pass by. After days of open sea, the sight of this imposing rock formation on the horizon
was an unforgettable moment for the cadets. Lot's Wife serves as a navigational landmark and
symbolizes the progress of their journey. The cadets gathered on deck, eager to capture photos
and enjoy the sunset. Thank you to Second Mate Kathy Shankle for proposing this quick side quest. 

Lot's Wife

Cadets observing Lot's Wife

The excitement is reaching its peak as the ship gets closer to the bustling ports of Korea. For
many cadets, this part of the journey represents the culmination of their hard work and the
beginning of new adventures on foreign shores. The sight of other vessels on the horizon
signals their proximity to bustling ports and the vibrant life awaiting them.

During this part of the journey, the stars have really come out at night and it is prime time for senior cadets enrolled in Celestial Navigation. Every night that the weather is good and the sky is clear, 1/C Cadets make their way to the helo deck, fantail, and bow of the ship to observe the sky and utilize their sextants to calculate the position of the point of observation. Finishing celestial on your senior cruise is a huge accomplishment and right of passage - and those who have taken it know it is not an easy class to pass. 



Photo credit: Celestial Instructor Hector Pernia


Another class that seniors must pass on Summer Sea Term is Bridge Sim. As you can see here, accidents happen, but that's why we practice!

Fair winds and following seas!

~Faye Joelson, Assistant Purser & Jessica Fowler, Purser

Check back often and follow the voyage with our blog series that gives the latest news from Summer Sea Term! TSGB will travel to Honolulu, HI, Busan, South Korea, Yokohama, Japan, and Los Angeles, CA prior to returning to Vallejo on August 5th.

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