Although we completed our fire and abandon ship drills yesterday, we were due to complete a Man Overboard Drill (MOB). This is usually done once a month while on Summer Sea Term. This exercise gives cadets an opportunity to learn the skills and procedure required to safely rescue someone who has fallen overboard while underway. 

Faye and Oscar

Assistant Purser Faye Joelson & Oscar

At 0900, Oscar the MOB dummy was tossed over the side, the general alarm rang, and the drill was announced over the PA. Cadets, staff, and crew quickly manned the rails and began pointing at Oscar, tossing the smoke signal overboard to mark where Oscar was dropped.



The Fast Rescue Boat (FRB) was quickly deployed to follow the smoke signal and retrieve Oscar. During this time, vessel did a Williamson turn and went back to the location where Oscar was dropped. 


Pointing at Oscar

Oscar was quickly retrieved and returned to TSGB, where he will live to see another day - and another MOB drill next month.

Oscar has been retrieved!

Meanwhile, while we were completing MOB drills above deck, engineering cadets were busy completing daywork tasks in the machine shop with First Assistant Engineer Neil McGhee, and standing engine watch in EOS. 

Neil teaching cadets

Daywork in the machine shop


The engine room has been very hot these days - cadets are doing their best to stay positive and stay hydrated!

Fair winds and following seas!

~Faye Joelson, Assistant Purser & Jessica Fowler, Purser

Check back often and follow the voyage with our blog series that gives the latest news from Summer Sea Term! TSGB will travel to Honolulu, HI, Busan, South Korea, Yokohama, Japan, and Los Angeles, CA prior to returning to Vallejo on August 5th.

Stay tuned for updates to the Follow the Voyage blog.

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