Due to state and local COVID-19 gathering restrictions, Cal Maritime is putting a pause on all meeting space requests for the remainder of 2020. If you are interested in future campus usage, we encourage you to fill out the online inquiry form and we will respond as soon as possible. We look forward to welcoming you back to campus in the near future.

Cal Maritime offers access to several state-of-the art indoor and outdoor athletic facilities. Spaces include a synthetic turf rugby field, an Olympic-size heated outdoor pool, a full-size indoor basketball court with bleacher seating for 635, and several auxiliary gym spaces.

FACILITY Capacity Standard Non-profit
Mayo Hall (court) - per hour 200 $100 $80
Mayo Hall (court) - Half Day 200 $250 $200
Mayo Hall (court) - Full Day 200 $500 $400
Mayo Hall Indoor Volleyball - per hour   $50 $40
Mayo Hall Indoor Volleyball - Half Day   $150 $120
Mayo Hall Indoor Volleyball - Full Day   $350 $280
*PE205 - Keelhauler Conf Room 20 $75 $60
*PE217 - Main Conf Room 30 $150 $120
PE115 - Wet conference room 15 $75 $60
**Local Team Practice/Recreational Use      
Half gym (per hour)   $50 $40
Large gym (per hour)   $125 $100
Half gym (per hour)   $75 $60
Half gym (half day)   $300 $240
Half gym (full day)   $600 $480
Large gym (per hour)   $150 $120
Large gym (half day)   $600 $480
Large gym (full day)   $1,000 $800
Large gym (half day)   $800 $640
Large gym (full day)   $1,500 $1,200
Rugby Field      
**Local Team Practice/Recreational Use      
Bodnar Field (per hour) 200 $80 $64
Bodnar Field (per hour) 200 $100 $80
Bodnar Field (half day) 200 $350 $280
Bodnar Field (full day) 200 $680 $544
Bodnar Field (half day) 200 $400 $320
Bodnar Field (full day) 200 $800 $640
Lights on Bodnar (per hour)   $35 $35
** Local Team Practice/Recreational Use rates only available for Solano, Contra Costa, Alameda County team practices at a per hour rate. Requests for use over 4 hours will be charged the Half Day or Full Day Games rate, unless being used for a tournament


Space Needed Max Occupancy Standard Non-Profit
Full Pool (18 lanes) - 2 lifeguards min  350 $200/hr $160/hr
Half Pool (9 lanes) - 2 lifeguards min 175 $100/hr $80/hr
Pool reservations require a 2 hour minimum. 15 minutes before and 15 minutes after contracted time allotted for locker room use. If time goes beyond the 15 allotted minutes, another full hour of pool and lifeguard fees will be charged. 
Lifeguards charged at the rate of $20.00 per lifeguard, per hour. Above lifeguard minimums to be used as a guide. Actual number of lifeguards needed per reservation will be determined by the Cal Maritime Athletics department.