Mission, Vision, Goals


The mission of the Cal Maritime Corporation is to provide self-supporting, responsible, diversified, creative, and high-quality services. These services complement the instructional program of the university and assist the institution in achieving its educational mission. 



The Cal Maritime Corporation provides the campus and the local community with innovative services through strategic business partnerships that continuously improve value and enhance the overall experience of our cadets. 

We support our cadets, faculty, staff, and campus visitors with quality services and facilities that are tailored to meet specific needs. 



  • Identify service and retail opportunities that continually improve customer experiences 
  • Respond to service requests in a prioritized and prompt manner 
  • Develop resources that enhance the student experience 


Identifying Major Operations, Functions, And Programs [*Sodexo acts as the third-party provider] 

Properties We Manage 

Services We Provide 

  • The Marketplace 
  • Compass Conference Rooms 
  • Keelhauler Shops
  • Anchor Center 
  • Morrow Cove 
  • The Bistro 
  • Campus Housing 
  • Staff Residences 
  • Rizza Auditorium 


  • Conference and Event Planning* 
  • Summer programming 
  • Catering and dining services* 
  • Vending/laundry* 
  • Non-Academic Space Rental 
  • Sodexo custodial/maintenance* 
  • Fundraising, Grant-Writing 
  • Audio/Visual for Cal Maritime Corporation supported properties 
  • Uniforms and campus attire 
  • EV Charging program 
  • Campus sustainability initiative 



Established in September, 2020, the Cal Maritime Corporation is an auxiliary organization of the California State University (CSU) under the provisions of the California Education Code. It is a separate 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, operated under IRS and California Corporations Code for exempt purposes, organized chiefly to support the educational mission of the university. The Education Code provides that "the operation of auxiliary organizations shall be conducted in conformity with regulations established by the Trustees" (589900).



The Trustees have established those regulations in Title 5 of the California Code of Regulations. Title 5 provides that the Cal Maritime ("University") President is responsible for the general welfare of the campus. Therefore, the President is required to ensure that each auxiliary organization operates in conformity with policies of the University. Further, Executive Order 1059 establishes that the President is responsible and accountable for prudent judgment in the utilization of campus auxiliary organizations and for ensuring the fiscal viability of campus auxiliary organizations. It also provides that the campus chief financial officer (CFO) shall be the responsible campus official in respect to administrative compliance and fiscal oversight of campus auxiliary organizations.

Because CSU auxiliary organizations are incorporated under the laws of the State of California, governing boards have authorities and responsibilities under corporate statutes. In fact, Title 5 language provides "Each auxiliary governing board has a responsibility to conduct its operations in accordance with all statutes that are applicable to auxiliary organizations" is inclusive of all applicable statutes, e.g., corporate, Education Code and Title 5.

Currently, the Cal Maritime Corporation Board of Directors has 5 members comprised of one faculty, one administrative staff of the university, one community director, one cadet director, and one academic director. Each Board member term is one year with the option to renew. The board sets policies and oversees strategic direction and operations of the Corporation, with day to day management of activities of the Corporation to the Executive Director.


Master Operating Agreement

Title 5 specifies certain essential functions that are an integral part of the educational mission of a campus that are appropriate to be performed by an auxiliary organization. Each auxiliary organization is covered by a Master Operating Agreement (MOA) that assigns certain of those functions, or by stand-alone agreements.


Organizational Impact

The Corporation does not employ staff at this time, but may have the capacity to do so in the future. The Corporation generates over $10 million in revenues annually. In addition, the Corporation has opportunities to reinvests monies in direct annual support back to the University and its programs.


Departments Overview


Executive Director

Activities of the Executive Director include business development, administration, legal affairs and public relations. In addition to departments of the Corporation, the Executive Office provides services to other on-campus organizations, including the university, the Alumni Association, and Associated Students. The Executive Director works directly with the vice president of administration and finance and the Corporation Board of Directors to lead the overall management of the Corporation. The Executive Director also collaborates with other on­ campus organizations to assist the university in achieving its long-term goals and objectives.


CFO/Assistant Secretary

The Cal Maritime Corporation CFO, provides day-to-day fiscal support and oversight of Corporation operations, and is responsible for compliance with Corporation fiscal policies and procedures. In addition to Corporation operations, the CFO/Assistant Secretary provides fiscal and administrative support services to include business and financial analysis, budget development coordination, accounting, investment and financial reporting services and maintaining an integrated, online accounting and financial reporting system.


Campus Dining

Campus Dining is the largest commercial operation under the Corporation, and provides food service concepts on campus. These concepts include University Catering and The Marketplace. Campus Dining also operates the Bistro, Morrow Cove and concessions at Bodnar Field. All students living in the on-campus residence halls participate in a dining program through an on-campus declining balance card system.


Keelhauler Shops

Keelhauler Shops operates all retail enterprises for the campus both in person and on line. These operations provide valued products and important retail services to support the diverse campus community including academic supplies, uniforms, textbooks, and technology.


Conference & Event Planning

The mission of Conference & Event Planning (CEP) is to service clients from initial concept to completion of an event, while maintaining and facilitating the highest standards of excellence and professionalism. College and Department sponsored campus events, in addition to off- campus organizations, are supported with an array of event services including but not limited to: budget development, event planning, coordination of on campus housing or off campus hotel accommodations, campus facility reservations, food and beverage service, rental/vendor coordination, bus and shuttle service coordination, and signage.

Conference and Event Planning is positioned to highlight the university and community partnership by bringing additional commerce to the greater Vallejo community.


Major Operations, Functions, And Programs:

  • Campus Dining
  • The Outlet
  • Keelhauler Shops
  • Keelhaulershops.com
  • Anchor Center
  • Morrow Cove
  • The Bistro
  • McAllister Cafe
  • Campus Housing
  • Conference and Event Planning
  • Non-Academic Space Rental
  • Rizza Auditorium


AOA Member

The Corporation is a member of the Auxiliary Organizations Association ("AOA"). The mission of the AOA is to assist the more than 90 auxiliaries to the 23 campuses in the CSU system by providing them resources and services that enable them to be more effective, such as:

  • Group Insurance and Pooled Benefit Programs
  • Representation of the collective interests before the CSU and the State of California
  • Legal Updates
  • Library of Resource Materials
  • Special Research Projects and Monographs
  • Access to Legal Counsel
  • Professional Development Programs
  • Biennial Salary Survey
  • Assistance to New Auxiliaries and Staff
  • Networking
  • Business and Finance