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Meet the Cal Maritime Corporation Staff

The Cal Maritime Corporation provides the campus and the local community with innovative services through strategic business partnerships that continuously improve value and enhance the overall experience of our cadets.

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Mark Goodrich, Associate Vice President, Corporation

Associate Vice President, Corporation

Mark Goodrich

(707) 654-1563

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Irene Tjokro, Director of Retail Operations

Director of Retail Operations

Irene Tjokro

(707) 654-1185

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Kris Edwards, Senior IT Consultant-Corporation

Senior IT Consultant-Corporation

Kristofer Edwards

(707) 654-1424

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Karen Goble, Sodexo General Manager

Sodexo General Manager

Karen Goble

(707) 654-1008

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Tyler Pederson, Director of Conference & Events

Director of Conference & Events

Tyler Pederson

(707) 654-1413

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