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Coming Soon! Investment opportunities in LEADING THE WAY include:

CADET SUCCESS & EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING to provide talented young cadets with the financial support, leadership training, and access to an express elevator to a better life by pursuing successful careers in the diverse and multi-faceted maritime profession.

EXCELLENCE IN TEACHING & RESEARCH SUPPORT to ensure Cal Maritime has the financial resources to attract the most qualified faculty – both innovative teachers and research scholars – who will advance curricula that is of real value to our cadets, research partners and sponsors.

INDUSTRY LEADING TRAINING & PROGRAM SUPPORT to continually upgrade the technology and instrumentation needed to prepare cadets for the workplace, engage employers in all sectors to provide more internships, and engage alumni in a greater network that can provide ongoing opportunities for career upward mobility.

CAMPUS INVESTMENTS & QUALITY OF CAMPUS LIFE to improve and expand education and research facilities, and to provide a richer cadet experience on campus.