Message from the Alumni Board

At Cal Maritime, there is a vision that is defined by the words  “Honor, Believe, Lead”. We honor the traditions of the Academy, many of which  have been shared with us by alumni around the country. Those include the values of personal responsibility, leadership and teamwork, which have been developed through the shared experiences of alumni while students here. Clearly, we’ve all experienced academic learning in the classroom sessions, but we’ve likely learned just as much in our time aboard the Training Ship and in campus life. And, certainly, that includes those memorable, “goofy” experiences that are shared quietly, with a wink!

Upperclassmen have always helped underclassmen; alumni have always helped other alumni, as well as current students. It’s what we do!

Your Alumni Association Board of Directors has set some specific goals for the Association for the coming year. You can help achieve those goals by investing your own time. The goals are separated into three broad categories, with opportunities included within each of the categories:

Engaging the Alumni/Students

  • Cal Maritime Mentoring – Offer academic, career and life advice to a current student.•
  • Connect a student to Industry – Offer to introduce a group of students to your career and your industry. Provide a facility tour. Help them understand your business.
  • Alumni in the Classroom – Be a single presenter or part of a panel discussion on campus; talk about your industry. No one knows it better than you!
  • Internship/Co-Op Placement – Help place one of the many students who need to identify summer internships.

Engaging other Alumni

  • Cal Maritime Mentoring – Noted above, mentoring is not necessarily restricted to current students. Help another grad!
  • “Lost” Alumni – Be the Class Scribe for your class. Help to locate contact information for more classmates, so they will be aware of events and progress on campus. 

Recognizing Service

  • Distinguished Alumni Award – Nominate a alum who has demonstrated a significant career and support for Cal Maritime.
  • Rising Star Alumni Award – Nominate a young alum, within 15 years after graduation, who has, in that short period of time, already made an impact on society.

These are activities that will have focus and action from your Association in the coming year. Please join the Directors with a few hours of your time. Think back to your learning time at Cal Maritime and remember how rewarding it was to help someone else. Help the current students, help your fellow alumni and support the Academy. 

It’s what we’ve always done! It’s what we’ll do in the future!