California State University Maritime Academy is committed to promoting an environment that supports every member of our community in an atmosphere of mutual respect, fairness, cooperation, professionalism and leadership. Cal Maritime expects that every campus member will practice the following Principles of Community.

  • We reject all forms of prejudice and discrimination. We take individual and collective responsibility for helping to eliminate bias and discrimination and through leadership increase our own understanding of these issues through education, training, and interaction with others.
  • We affirm each individual's right to dignity and strive to maintain a climate of justice marked by mutual respect for each other.
  • We are a community comprised of individuals with multiple cultures, lifestyles and beliefs.  We celebrate this diversity for the breadth of ideas and perspectives it brings.
  • We applaud all efforts to foster and enhance the quality of campus life.
  • We affirm the right to freedom of expression at Cal Maritime.  We promote open expression of our individuality and our diversity within the bounds of courtesy, sensitivity, confidentiality and respect.
  • We believe that active participation and leadership in addressing the most pressing issues facing our local and global communities are central to our educational mission.
  • We affirm the right of each person to express thoughts and opinions freely.  We encourage open expression within a climate of civility, sensitivity, confidentiality and mutual respect.
  • We embrace open and equitable access to opportunities for learning and development as our obligation and goal.
  • We acknowledge that our society carries historical and divisive biases, and we promote awareness of these biases through education and constructive strategies for resolving conflict.
  • We celebrate the spirit of diversity in pursuit of academic excellence.
  • We are committed to the highest standards of civility and decency toward all.  We are committed to promoting and supporting a community where all people can work and learn together in an atmosphere free of bias or demeaning treatment.

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