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In response to concerns about gender equity and inclusion raised during the summer and fall 2021 semesters, Cal Maritime has initiated a wide range of efforts to improve campus climate in areas related to sexual assault/harassment, inclusion, and safety, both on our campus and on the Training Ship Golden Bear and commercial cruise. We have assessed our current environment, taken action to allocate resources, and added programs and staff aimed at improving campus climate. Many of these efforts are currently underway. We are committed to completing those that remain this spring and summer. 

Concurrently, revelations about sexual assault at sea and a lack of inclusion in the maritime industry overall have spurred action from our fellow maritime academies and government officials, which we join and support. Whether on campus or at sea, all of us who care about the maritime industry know we must do better; we must work to ensure that everybody is welcome, safe and fully included in our community, and treated with care, dignity and respect.  

Cal Maritime is committed to promoting an environment that supports every member of our community in an atmosphere of mutual respect, fairness, cooperation, and professionalism. We are navigating toward a more diverse, equitable and inclusive future. These efforts are not new, but they are being met with a renewed focus and sense of purpose. They include: 

  • Improved staffing and assessment around Title IX and gender equity   
  • Additional staffing and support for our under-represented communities, including the opening of an Inclusion Center   
  • Campus-wide education efforts around sexual assault, diversity, equity, and inclusion with a CommUNITY Day devoted to teaching and learning
  • Sexual assault prevention efforts in conjunction with MARAD, DOT, and the other state maritime academies (SMA) in efforts to ensure that all our cadets who go on a training cruise or commercial sea time will be safe and respected   
  • Commitment to an improved campus climate that relies on input gathered from surveys and reports to guide actionable steps 


Meagan Nance


Meagan Nance

Director of Inclusion Initiatives and the Educational Opportunity Program