EOP provides holistic support to help students overcome obstacles, work toward their personal strengths, and realize their academic potential. Read below for information on our our program goals, the accomplishments of EOP students, and how EOP has helped students at Cal Maritime grow.

EOP Family Photo 2022

Cal Maritime EOP Goals

Goal 1:  Academic Success

To aid EOP students in setting and meeting educational goals through intensive mentoring, individualized advising, and direct academic support.

Goal 2:  Personal Development

To provide opportunities for EOP students to develop soft skills, habits, and strategies relevant to autonomy and personal success in college and beyond.

Goal 3: Strength in Community

To develop a sense of belonging and social engagement among EOP students within the broader campus by creating a dynamic, supportive, and structured community for low-income, historically disadvantaged students.

Goal 4: Access and Advocacy

To alleviate barriers to matriculation, retention, academic success, and degree completion by providing cross-campus advocacy for EOP student needs, financial assistance, and a centralized resource for support as students develop the self-efficacy necessary to overcome personal and educational barriers.