We are glad that you are interested in EOP at Cal Maritime! EOP provides Cal Maritime students from low-income and historically disadvantaged backgrounds who are California residents or qualify for AB540 with academic, social, and financial support to help them meet their goals from admission to the university through graduation.

For information on the application process, please visit the "Applying to EOP" page. Please note that students must apply to EOP for the same term to which they apply to Cal Maritime; the program does not accept currently enrolled students.  Have questions about EOP, or want to chat with a member of our staff?  Contact our office at (707) 654-1082 or eop@csum.edu.

Please note that attendance at EOP Summer Bridge, held on the Cal Maritime campus the summer before college entry, is required for all admitted EOP first years, including Transfer Students.  The Summer Bridge program is intended to assist students in making a successful transition to college life, particularly at Cal Maritime.  Summer Bridge allows students to become familiar with the university campus and resources and build a community of support at Cal Maritime.  

Please note that students admitted to EOP qualify for a deferral of the enrollment deposit fee.  It is very important to follow the instructions in your EOP program admission letter to have your enrollment deposit fee deferred, meaning you won't have to pay the fee upfront.  If you follow the general instructions on the Cal Maritime website or in your campus admission documents, you will be charged the general campus deposit fee (approximately $500).