Cal Maritime Endowments

Endowments provide an ongoing source of revenue and can be created to support scholarships, or any campus project or program.


Double Your Gift with the Endowment Matching Program

With an initial $3.5 million in matching funds available from Cal Maritime Academy Foundation’s successful Vessel Donation Program,  gifts to new and existing endowments will be matched. The minimum gift to establish a program  endowment is $25,000 and the scholarship endowment minimum is $50,000. Both can be paid over 5 years.

If you prefer to make a gift of any level to an already-established endowment, the gift will be matched. 

Your gift can support almost any aspect of Cal Maritime, from scholarships to athletics, endowed faculty positions, research opportunities and more. Give to what you care about and turn your idea into real impact.


For information on how to create your impact, please contact Janice Bross or (707) 654-1789 .