Culture and Communication Award

for Excellence in Writing

The Department of Culture and Communication selects exemplary student writers each year to receive the C&C Award for Exellence in Writing.

The awards are announced in the Spring. All awards come with a certificate and small prize for the winning cadets.

 These prizes are 100% funded by donations from C&C faculty and friends of the department.

Writing Honor Roll


Forrest Eagle with award

Forrest Eagle wrote, "Congratulations! You Have a New Missed Connection" in  EGL100 (English Composition).

Jazmin Silvestri

Jazmin Silveri wrote, "The 'Female Ethos' in Persuasion and Ultramarine" in EGL315 (World Lit of the Sea).




For Outstanding Writing in a Lower-Division Course: Donovan Shackleford, "The Enslavement of the Scrivener and the Creature," EGL-200, Introduction to Literature.


For Outstanding Writing in an Upper-Division Course: Ryan O'Dell, "Integrative Essay," EGL-310, U.S. Literature of the Sea.


Special Mention for Excellence in Writing: John Halstead, "Death of a Child" CSL-210, Dying: The Final Stage of Living



Group of awardees and faculty

Inaugural award winners: Matt Leli, Dr. Parsons, Dr. Dewey, Dr. Chisholm, Emilia Sween, Wade Phinney.