Cadet Grinding in Machine ShopThe Facility Engineering Technology (FET) major provides an undergraduate education for industrial engineers employed in large-scale facilities; commercial buildings, power plants and manufacturing facilities. The curriculum provides a foundation in the fundamentals of mechanical and electrical system engineering, as well as practical training in the operation and maintenance of real-world commercial and industrial facilities.

The FET program has the following educational objectives:

  • Graduates will have the knowledge and ability to perform analysis, applied design, and development of systems and processes that support the effective operations of facilities.
  • Graduates will have the knowledge and ability to manage and lead technical activities in the facilities and power industries.
  • Graduates will have the knowledge and ability to function effectively as leaders on professional teams.
  • Graduates will have the knowledge and ability to communicate effectively with speaking, writing, and presentation skills including the ability to put together a compelling argument.
  • Graduates will demonstrate a respect for professional, ethical, and social issues as well as a commitment to safety, quality and productivity.

The FET curriculum includes three 60-day practical training experiences; one sea training period aboard Training Ship Golden Bear and two industry co-operative education opportunities. The FET program also requires satisfactory completion of a qualifying examination administered by the Association for Facilities Engineering (AFE) to become a Certified Plant Engineer-in-Training (CPE-IT).

Curriculum Sheets