Off Campus Policy

Students enrolled in any baccalaureate degree programs at the California State University Maritime Academy are required to maintain residency on campus and participate in a meal plan each year until graduation. However, students may be exempted from living on-campus if they meet eligibility, submit an off-campus petition, and are approved for off-campus status. 

The 2024-2025 Off Campus Petition will close April 22nd at 5pm.

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Eligibility requirements for off-campus consideration:

Students who are 25 years of age or older prior to August 1 at the start of the academic year.

No documentation is required. 

Students who are married or in a domestic partnership. Students must provide appropriate supporting documentation, such as a marriage certificate, certificate of registered domestic partnership, civil union, or other recognized status. Additional documentation, such as joint bank statements or shared medical coverage, may be requested.

Students who have served on active duty for at least 24 months. Students must provide appropriate supporting documentation, such as a DD Form 214, Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty. Students who are currently on active duty may supply written documentation of their active military status.

Students who have lived on campus for seven semesters at the Cal Maritime. Enrollment status will be confirmed by the Registrar's Office.

Students with full-time, court-ordered parental custody of a child/children. Students must provide appropriate supporting documentation, such as the child’s/children’s birth certificate with the student listed as a parent, or a court order establishing custody.

Students with a disability or medical condition which prevents the student from living on campus, or who are the primary caregiver of a family member with medical conditions that require special attention which can only be provided by the student. Students must provide appropriate supporting documentation, such as a verification of diagnosis which includes how the student’s disability or medical condition prevents the student from living on campus, or documentation that verifies the student’s status as the primary caregiver for their family member. Medical documentation must be provided by an appropriately licensed medical practitioner, on an official letterhead from the practitioner / facility, within the past calendar year. Health accommodation petitions will be reviewed and assessed by the Accessibility & Disability Services Office (ADSO).

To submit documentation, students will need to complete the ADSO online application located on the ADSO webpage. Students will be contacted by the Disability Coordinator to schedule an appointment to review the student’s medical information. For more information, or any questions regarding health accommodation, please contact Dr. Vides, the Disability Coordinator, at

Please do not submit any medical documentation through StarRez as the Residence Life Department does not accept or review medical information.

Students who have submitted a FAFSA, are Pell Grant eligible (or based on Estimated Family Contribution for Dreamers), and have accepted all financial aid offered, including loans. Financial hardship petitions will be reviewed and assessed by the Financial Aid Office. Students may be asked to provide additional documentation on their financial status by the Financial Aid Office. For more information, or any questions regarding financial hardship, please contact the Financial Aid Office.

Please do not submit any financial documentation through StarRez as the Residence Life Department does not accept or review financial information.

Students who have graduated from high school, attended a community college with a minimum of 30 completed credit hours, or were homeschooled, within a 25-mile radius of Cal Maritime. Students must provide appropriate supporting documentation to show proof of graduation, attendance, or residency. Students who have been homeschooled must provide appropriate documentation of homeschooling along with proof of parent or legal guardian residency within the 25-mile radius. For the list of approved high schools and community colleges, please view the map and click the below link.

This list is subject to change. If your high school or community college is not listed, please contact Residence Life for more information. 

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25 Mile Radius Map

Petition Review Process:

  1. Off-campus petitions are available via the StarRez housing application portal.
    1. Please note: every student must reapply and submit a new petition each year until they graduate from Cal Maritime.
  2. All required documentation must be submitted in order for your petition to be reviewed. If required documentation is not received by the deadline, your petition will be voided. 
  3. If your petition is complete and on-time, the student will receive communication of their petition decision via their official Cal Maritime email account. 
  4. If approved for off-campus, an on-campus residential bed space or room will not be reserved, and your housing charge will be removed from your student account. 
    1. If a student wishes to decline off-campus acceptance or something changes with off-campus approval, the student must contact Residence Life via email at immediately. Readmission to on-campus housing may not be guaranteed due to the occupancy numbers.

FAQ on the Off-Campus Petition Process:

Yes. Off-campus approval is only granted for one academic year (or less, depending on permission approval). Every student must reapply each year for off-campus approval and submit supporting documentation.

No. Signing a lease is NOT a criterion used to evaluate a cadet's need to live off campus. This could be a costly mistake; if you are not granted an exemption to the residency requirement you will need to pay for on-campus housing and meal plan fees.

Yes. A change in student status or enrollment terminates your off-campus approval. Off-campus permission is only granted for one academic year (or less, depending on permission approval). If your enrollment status changed during the period you were approved, you will need to submit another off-campus petition.

On the StarRez housing petition application, you can only select one criteria. Please select the criteria that best fits your situation. If you have questions about your eligibility, please email

In most cases, you will not be allowed to submit multiple petitions. Please select the criteria that best fits your situation. 

If your situation has significantly changed, please contact and we will help you determine your next steps. 

Residence Life does not determine a student's financial hardship criteria as our office does not have access to that information. Due to this, Residence Life works with the Financial Aid Office to determine financial hardship eligibility. In order to qualify for financial hardship, students must complete and submit a FAFSA or CADAA (for Dreamers), be Pell Grant eligible, and accept all financial aid offered.

If you are approved for off-campus, but your situation changes and you wish to return to on-campus housing, you need to contact Residence Life. Readmission to on-campus housing, receiving a room assignment, and / or meeting all housing preferences is not guaranteed due to occupancy and availability of bed space.

If you submitted a petition request for a health accommodation reason or a financial hardship reason by the StarRez petition deadline, the next step is for you  to follow the required process for submitting documentation to those specific offices.

The process,  requirements, and points of contact for the health related and financial hardship reasons are outlined in the StarRez off-campus petition. 

Any student not approved for off-campus will be expected to live on campus. If you are not approved for off-campus and do not participate in the StarRez (SR) room selection process, the Residence Life will automatically assign you a room and roommate.