We Are ResLife

The Residence Life Department at Cal Maritime consists of Residence Hall Officers, Residence Life Coordinators, and the Director of Residence Life.

Primarily, the ResLife staff manage the service side of the campus experience, including managing the day-to-day operations of the department, engaging residents throughout the residence halls, providing 24/7 crisis response, and creating a safe, fun home away from home.

Residence Life Front Office

General inquires should be sent to the Residence Life Office email and phone. This includes questions about: room assignments, room transfers, off campus process, end of semester / year closing process, and other general housing related items. 

Office Location: Upper Residence Hall, 1st Floor
Hours: Monday - Friday from 8AM-8PM

Phone: (707) 654-1400
Email: housing@csum.edu

Residence Life Professional Staff

Meet The Staff

Tim Westmoreland
Director of Residence Life
Email: twestmoreland@csum.edu

The Director Residence Life is responsible for managing the entirety of the Residence Life program. Primary responsibilities include staff supervision, budget management, and the development and implementation of departmental processes and policies.

Malinda Balfour
Lead Residence Life Coordinator, McAllister Residence Hall
Email: mbalfour@csum.edu

Matthew Donovan
Residence Life Coordinator, Upper Residence Hall & Lower Residence Hall
Email: mdonovan@csum.edu

Residence Life Coordinator, Maritime North Residence Hall

The Residence Life Coordinators are the professional staff members who are responsible for the day-to-day operation of their specific residence hall. RLCs live on campus and provide support to residents through supervising the Residence Hall Officers, enforcing university and housing policies, and providing crisis response in a 24/7 on call rotation. 

David Chrisman
Cadet Housing Director 
Email: chd@csum.edu

The Cadet Housing Director is a senior student staff member who assists the Residence Life Department in a larger, more encompassing role that requires student input. For this purpose, they are classified as professional staff. The CHD provides support to the RHOs as an intermediary between student and professional staff, as well as represents Residence Life as the official cadet voice in department / university related matters. 

Residence Hall Officers

The Residence Hall Officers are in charge of a section of the hall and the residents that live in their area. The RHOs help all students adapt to living on campus here at Cal Maritime through programming, upholding university and residential policies, and being accessible to their residents. Residence Hall Officers are on call 24/7 during the academic year.