There are uniform clothing requirements that you are required to bring that are not part of the Initial Issue Uniform Seabag. You must have enough of the following to go through five days of Orientation without having laundry service.

  • T-shirt - You must bring at least one week's supply of plain white crew neck (round neck) t-shirts, for both male and female students. V-necks and tanktop undershirts are not authorized. These will be worn as undershirts to your uniforms and are also part of your uniform requirement.
  • Underwear - You must bring at least one week's supply of undergarments.
  • Socks - You must bring at least 6 pairs of socks for Orientation Week. Also, bring 6 pairs of plain black cotton crew socks as part of your uniform requirement.
  • Shoes - Athletic shoes that are reasonably broken in. Your shoes will be worn for many physical activities continuously for the entire week of Orientation. Please make sure to wear comfortable athletic shoes.

In addition, the white crew neck t-shirts and black cotton crew socks are part of your uniform requirements. It is best practice to have two weeks' worth of each so you do not have to do laundry every weekend. These will be available in your Keelhauler Shops for purchase.


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