The Mechanical Engineering program at Cal Maritime offers a unique educational approach by combining hands-on experiences and math and science-intensive coursework. The mission of the program is to produce entry-level professionals capable of applying their knowledge of science and engineering in the design, analysis, operation, and production of engineering components, systems, and products. Students can choose one of three options under Mechanical Engineering program. The Energy Design and Mechanical Design options are for those interested in traditional engineering careers. The U.S. Coast Guard Third Assistant Engineer License Option is for those seeking engineering careers in the maritime industry, both at sea and on land.

The Mechanical Engineering program provides a sound foundation for the practice of engineering through instruction in basic sciences and mathematics, computer applications, design, laboratory experiences, communication, humanities, and social sciences.  All students, regardless of option, start with the same first year experience, which includes fundmental math, science, communications, and critical thinking courses.  In addition, students are trained on how to be an engineering cadet aboard Training Ship Golden Bear, before embarking on a 60+ day Summer Sea Term.  Computer applications and design experiences are integrated into several required and stem-elective courses. Excellent facilities in circuits, instrumentation and measurements, electromechanical machinery, controls, materials/mechanical, manufacturing processes, and fluids/thermal laboratories further strengthen the instructional Mechanical Engineering program. Through selection of electives, students can choose to specialize in several different areas.  The entire experience is incorporated into a two-semester senior capstone experience.

The mission of the Mechanical Engineering program is to produce graduates capable of applying their knowledge of science and engineering in the design, analysis, evaluation, and production of engineering devices and systems. The academic foundation provided to each graduate allows for further education and professional development going forward.


The Mechanical Engineering program is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET,, under the General Criteria and Mechancial Engineering Program Criteria.

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