Branding Resources

The Cal Maritime brand represents us all: our cadets, our alumni, our staff, our faculty, and our administration.


 Brand Standards


Our brand defines how others see us. Cal Maritime’s brand is only impactful when built on actuality and dependability. It is never to be confused with a competing brand, hence why there is an emphasis put on its uniformity, standardization, and most importantly its consistency. Guidelines and standards are in place to keep our brand well-defined.

When we all use the same fundamental components, and communicate with a shared voice, we can tell a more powerful story. There are brand and style guidelines currently in place that are designed for this reason. There are also more nuanced resources currently in development. They are here to help us all tell this story more effectively — and to properly represent the Cal Maritime brand in our work.


The consistent presentation of our logos and our graphic identity by the faculty, staff, students, and alumni of Cal Maritime captures the spirit of our university and ensures that we communicate with one voice, in a polished and professional manner. Read more from Cal Maritime's Brand Standards & Style Guide (PDF).

All Cal Maritime logo requests are subject to approval from Aziza Jackson, director of Public Affairs and Strategic Communications. Please email to submit a request for logo usage.

Our Writing Guide is intended to help writers and editors communicate clearly and consistently about Cal Maritime in publications and other correspondence. 

Our Grammar and Editorial Guide will help you communicate in a clear and consistent way when writing for the campus audience or the Cal Maritime community.

Maintaining as a high-quality website is of paramount importance for every department on campus.  Learn more about maintaining content for your department with our Website Resources.

Have a request? Please fill out this Communications Request Form completely. Cal Maritime's Office of Public Affairs and Strategic Communications will get back to you at our earliest convenience.