Budgets represent the financial aspect of the proposal.  The budget must be a realistic reflection of all of the required costs necessary to fully complete your proposal objectives.  The budget is typically composed of two parts:  a budget summary and a budget narrative or justification.  RIO staff are available to assist at all phases of budget development.

Common Terminology

Allowable Costs

Allowable costs are reasonable, allocable to the proposed project, treated consistently in like circumstances, and are allowable per the agency guidelines.

Direct Costs

Direct costs are costs that can be identified specifically with a particular sponsored project, instruction or any other institutional activity or that can be directly assigned to such activities relatively easily with a high degree of accuracy.

Facilities & Administrative (F&A) or Indirect Costs

F&A costs are costs that reimburse Cal Maritime for its operating costs of sponsored research and programs and cannot be assigned readily or specifically with a particular sponsored project.

Cal Maritime's federally negotiated indirect rate is available here.

Drafting a budget summary and a budget narrative

The budget summary, or Excel budget, is a list of all project costs being requested.  The costs are grouped by category.

Cal Maritime's research budget template is in the next column; if you need a budget with cost share please email RIO and we will send you a template.  

A budget narrative is often required.  This document provides detailed justification of each budget program item and indicates how each budget category was calculated. 

Budget Forms for Sponsored Projects

Cal Maritime's Allowable Cost Policy

Faculty Summer Salary Worksheet (NSF)

Faculty Summer Salary Worksheet (CSU (25% Additional Employment)) 

Research Budget Template