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 maritime culture

Cal Maritime students enjoy a complete educational experience, encompassing courses in art, music, and the humanities in addition to more career-oriented activities.

Faculty in the Department of Culture and Communication design engaging and challenging classes that give introductory and intermediate level instruction in art & creativity, culture, dance, music and other areas.  Not all these courses are offered at all times; some classes in dance and music may only be staffed if sufficient interest exists. 

All of these classes are designed and taught by committed faculty with the specific needs and interests of Cal Maritime cadets in mind.

Courses in Arts and Humanities

HUM 100 Humanities
HUM 101 Culture: Pre-Renaissance
HUM 102 Culture: Post-Renaissance
HUM 110 World Culture Journeys
HUM 130 Creativity

HUM 300 Art of the Cinema
HUM 305 Comparative World Religions
HUM 310 Engineering Ethics
HUM 325 Globalization of Culture
HUM 350 Maritime Culture
HUM 400 Ethics

PA  195 Performing Arts Topic (Jazz band, Ballroom Dance, Chorus)

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