School is back in session and the Cal Maritime community can find new opportunities, expanded support services, and familiar faces and facilities​ across campus. Upgraded classrooms and labs ​​have also been a large part of preparation for a successful fall semester, with investments in audio-visual (AV) technology upgrades that help cut down on costs, ease the strain on the environment and incorporate smart features into curriculum.

The California State University recently highlighted Cal Maritime's Department of Academic Technology and their efforts this summer in their "Technology and Equipment" section of this year's "What's New at the CSU for Fall 2023" that highlights the team's exceptional efforts this summer to advance their mission of effectively elevating educational empowerment for all members of the Cal Maritime community.

Cal Maritime’s Senior Director of Academic Technology Jase Teoh, along with AV Lead and Simulations Technician Andrew Bowling and AV Specialists Mike Bolanos and Marcel Cedeno, led the campus through a classroom technology refresh this summer. The team collaborated with facilities and information technology departments for the refresh that now allows faculty to use interactive whiteboards, document cameras, and bring-your-own-device (BYOD) features at a much more seamless and efficient pace.

"We introduced OneScreen interactive whiteboard for faculty to draw, capture, and annotate, allowing for a more immersive and just-in-time experience," said Teoh. "Students can also save the notes from the whiteboard by simply capturing the QR code generated from OneScreen. We also standardized the touch panel/control systems to provide a consistent experience for faculty teaching in the classrooms."

According to Teoh, faculty who want to use the basics such as projecting a PowerPoint presentation, can still do so while others can use more advanced features like the ScreenBeam wireless share that allows faculty to project from the device and mirror into all the displays available in the classroom.

About 30 classrooms have new AV communication tools like video cameras, microphones, also known as VoiceLift and TeachLogic – a projection of voice, touchscreen monitors, wireless share (ScreenBeam) and new Biamp speakers for an improved and immersive audio experience.

"Math and science faculty can also take advantage of the graph and chart rendering on OneScreen, while explaining complex mathematical concepts," said Teoh.

Technology equipment upgrades during the summer refresh also included: ceiling-mounted professional-grade pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) video cameras with instructor-controlled framing in conference-led rooms, ceiling mounted Biamp microphones that isolate and clarify audio sound, easy-to-control panels to facilitate faculty’s effective use of the new system, interactive whiteboards from OneScreen, and VoiceLift microphones to amplify faculty’s voices.

"Special thanks to Procurement, Accounting, Facilities, Information Technology, and Academic Affairs for making this project a reality," said Teoh. "And a special thanks to the California Maritime Academy Foundation (CMAF) for their donation to improve the classroom infrastructure at Cal Maritime."

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